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Mission Dawah and 9/11 Cake

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Mission Dawah is a Muslim advocacy group who states their mission is:

To fulfill the vision of the Prophet peace be upon him of Islam entering into every home.

They also suggest that September 11th is a good day to give dawah (prosletyzing).  And a few of their followers suggest enjoying some cake:

mission dawah 911 cake 1

Yup, cake.

mission dawah 911 cake 2

Yup, that’s a cake that is exactly what it looks like.  And it’s on Mission Dawah’s page, dedicated to spreading submission to Allah and Mohammed.

mission dawah 911 cake 3

In the comments, there are at least a couple people who don’t approve (and credit’s due to them), but there are a couple who “like it” at worst and plenty more who simply accept it quietly, rather than take a moment to critcize it.  You’d think if they were true believers in some kind of peace, they would find such a thing offensive because it insults both potential converts and their own religion as being a cult of violent sociopathic murderers who laugh at the deaths of thousands, but there are a lot who are silently accepting.

But there are several of the mission dawah followers who are too busy claiming the Jews did 9/11 and it’s all a conspiracy to blame peaceful muslims who would never harm anyone or do anything to offend anyone.

mission dawah 911 cake 4

Apparently Mission Dawah is cool with it and supports their followers, because neither the cake nor “teh Jooos did 9/11″ has gone away as of this posting.

Somehow I suspect their prosletyzing on the anniversary of a terrorist attack that killed thousands of people in the name of their god and led to a 12-year-long war wasn’t going to go over well to begin with.  The best way to show you’re not really a violent sociopathic ideology of tyranny and oppression is probably not to joke about the deaths of thousands at the hands of your fellow Muslims by making a cake out of a murderous sneak attack.

But of course, Islam didn’t do it, the “Jooos who control the US government did it to frame muslims”.


Update: Dr. Rusty at Jawa Report notes once again that commenter posts and the page owner may share different views and some pages don’t have fully moderated comments to prevent such posts.  But they usually don’t have a string of followers supporting it, and it’s still up on their page.  To both the credit and detriment of commenters, there are a handful against, and several for.

A search on Tineye with just the cake yields results from 2010, so the picture is older, but it’s being circulated in this context.  But it’s not whether it’s some leftist bakeoff in SanFran being reused to spread ill will… it’s that it’s just being used to spread ill will, and the obvious sentiment that goes with it.

Never Forget

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>Never Forget

>Never Forget

>Never Forget

benghazi blood walls

The end of this week marks the second anniversary of Brian Terry’s death.

In the last few years, there’s been some discussion of how an increasingly progressive statist government can exercise massive authority over citizens.  Something that comes up every so often, especially when discussing FDR and/or liberal fascists in general is the internment of Americans of Japanese descent during World War II.  Over this summer, I visited one of the remaining camp sites, which was a rather surreal experience.  I called a few friends from the site of an American concentration camp and mentioned how wholly bizarre of a feeling it was to be standing where once around 11,000 people were imprisoned by their own government on suspicions based almost exclusively on ethnic background, deprived of rights and property solely because the government said so.

The Heart Mountain internment camp is located in northwestern Wyoming, and in 1942 would’ve been much more the middle of nowhere than it is now.  It’s far, far off the beaten path, and now out of sight and out of mind for most people.  And then there’s that saying about those who forget history…

Note that construction began in June 1942 and by August 1942 the first citizens were interned in the camp.

Try rereading that last sentence again.

It’s important to note that it is a concentration camp.  It’s often referred to as an “internment” or “relocation” camp because the historical meaning of concentration camp has been almost completely dominated by those used by America’s enemies in WWII, and is considered interchangeable with death camp.

It is quite eerie how the structures that remain standing look very similar to those vastly more lethal camps on the other side of the planet, except these camps in the US are almost totally forgotten.

During the last week or so, SiriusXM Patriot Channel host Andrew Wilkow has been using internment of Japanese Americans as historical example of what a democracy that overrides the rules of a republic can do; of how a majority of 51% can be a tyranny of 51%.  I’d been planning a post for a while, but hearing it mentioned a few times in the last week finally got me to dig up the pictures.

The Heart Mountain Foundation has a website and museum about the camp.  They were closed when I got there, but it was a lot more haunting to walk around empty grounds of a camp as the sun was going down than it would’ve been to just visit a museum.

Big hat tip to Jawa Report:

Via Jawa, from NYT:

What do you call it when a self-proclaimed “Soldier of Allah” shouting “Allahu Akhbar” opens fire on dozens of US citizens — killing and maiming as many innocents as he can?

You call it terrorism, if you’re sane.

And “workplace violence,” if you’re the Obama administration.

That’s right: Three years after Nidal Malik Hasan’s jihadist shooting spree at Fort Hood, Texas, in which he murdered 13 people and wounded 29 more, the Defense Department still refuses to classify the attack as what it is: an act of terror.

Instead, it continues to label the shooting officially a case of “workplace violence.”

Let’s not forget Obama’s response to Fort Hood, and giving shout outs and thanking Interior Secretary Ken “Boot Stamping On A Human Face Forever” Salazar, and some anti-colonialist diatribe going on about “First Americans”.

>I had the pleasure this morning to attend a Wreaths Across America ceremony sponsored by the local Civil Air Patrol. The ceremony took place at Tyler Memorial Cemetery in Tyler, Texas. It was raining and cold, despite the weather, the ceremony boasted a decent turnout. Around 200 wreaths were laid on veteran’s grave stones. Next year they are planning to lay over 1,000 wreaths, which will account for every veteran currently laid to rest in that cemetery.

The goal of Wreaths Across America is to:

Remember the fallen,

Honor those who serve,

Teach our children the value of freedom.

Being a combat veteran myself, I was allowed to participate in the ceremony by assisting other veterans place several wreaths on a memorial dedicated to fallen World War 2, Korean, and Vietnam veterans. After the ceremony was officially over, the attendees were allowed to assist veterans and the Civil Air Patrol in laying the 200 wreaths that were donated to the cause.

To view pictures of the event feel free to visit our Facebook site here.