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Ebola In Mexico?

Posted: August 8, 2014 by ShortTimer in Illegal Immigration, Media
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Not yet.

A couple of days ago, a “first case” was reported by El Diario de Chihuahua, still accessible by Google Cache:

140808 ebola in mexico 1


Don’t worry, Mexican officials are denying it:

Federal District The Federal Health Ministry (SSA) denied the report published by various media who warned about a suspected case of Ebola in the country, to ensure that Mexico has not submitted any contagion.

Through a brief press release, the federal agency said that yesterday, a site named, released a report of an alleged case of Ebola in Mexico, specifically a student in Mexico City.

Normally, I’d have as much faith in Mexican officials as Sgt. Tahmooressi does, but… is a sketchy “news” site with headlines like this:

140808 ebola in mexico 2

So less likely “huge contagion in Mexico covered up by Mexican government” and more a case of “shoddy Mexican reporter copies BS fake news site for sensationally BS story”.

Until they do get their first case of ebola.


Of course, the illegals coming across the border right now are bringing with scabies, measles, infectious active tuberculosis, flu, all kinds of tropical diseases, and even leprosy.

From Sharyl Attkisson at CBS News:

(CBS News) CBS News has learned of a shocking link between a deadly drug cartel shootout with Mexican police last week and a controversial case in the U.S. The link is one of the grenades used in the violent fight, which killed three policemen and four cartel members and was captured on video by residents in the area.

According to a Justice Department “Significant Incident Report” filed Tuesday and obtained by CBS News, evidence connects one of the grenades to Jean Baptiste Kingery, an alleged firearms trafficker U.S. officials allowed to operate for years without arresting despite significant evidence that he was moving massive amounts of grenade parts and ammunition to Mexico’s ruthless drug cartels.


The Kingery case was overseen by the same Arizona U.S. Attorney and ATF office that let suspects traffic thousands of weapons to Mexican drug cartels in the operation dubbed Fast and Furious. The strategy was to try to get to the cartel kingpins, but it was halted after CBS News reported that Fast and Furious weapons were used by cartel thugs in the murder of Border Patrol agent Brian Terry on December 15, 2010. Weapons trafficked by other ATF suspects under surveillance were used two months later in the cartel murder of Immigration and Customs Agent Jaime Zapata in Mexico on February 15, 2011.

The ATF watched him ship grenades and components to Mexico, but did nothing but watch with glee at another chance to prop up the idea that they need more funding and power and you need your rights curtailed… because they’re breaking the law and facilitating weapons smuggling.


And meanwhile, the ATF is squelching whistleblower John Dodson’s desire to write a book about Fast and Furious, based on the idea that it would be damaging to morale.  Their most recent decision is that they can’t actually not let him publish it, but they can censor the work.

A U.S. law enforcement official familiar with the matter says the Justice Department, ATF and the Federal Bureau of Investigation will review Dodson’s manuscript and, after making redactions to protect sensitive law enforcement information, will clear it for publication. However, federal employee guidelines prohibit Dodson and other active agents from making a profit from their work in law enforcement, the official said.

Pretty sure Darrell Issa already got an advance copy of what the DOJ-approved manuscript will look like:

That's not a print of Malevich's "Black Square".

Via Sipsey Street Irregulars, from Sharyl Attkisson at CBS:

Three more weapons from Fast and Furious have turned up at crime scenes in Mexico, CBS News has learned, as the toll from the controversial federal operation grows.

According to Justice Department tracing documents obtained by CBS News, all three guns are WASR-10 762-caliber Romanian rifles. Two were purchased by Fast and Furious suspect Uriel Patino in May and July of 2010. Sean Steward, who was convicted on gun charges in July 2012, purchased a third. The rifles were traced yesterday to the Lone Wolf gun shop in Glendale, Ariz.

During Fast and Furious and similar operations, federal agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) encouraged the Lone Wolf and other gun stores to sell massive amounts of weapons to questionable purchasers who allegedly trafficked them Mexican drug cartels.

Patino is said to have purchased 700 guns while under ATF’s watch. Ever since, a steady stream of the guns have been recovered at crime scenes in Mexico and the U.S. But the Justice Department has refused repeated requests from Congress and CBS News to provide a full accounting. An estimated 1,400 guns are still on the street or unaccounted for.

This will be going on for years.  The body count from weapons sent to the cartels by Obama and Eric Holder’s DOJ and ATF will continue to go up.

Operation Facetious and Spurious

Cartel Violence In Mexico

Posted: June 17, 2013 by ShortTimer in Corruption, Crime, Government, Guns, Illegal Immigration

With all this recent discussion of the Gang of Eight telling US citizens that their birthrights hard-earned by their ancestors are meaningless, and telling naturalized US citizens that their hard-earned citizenship is meaningless, all because some RINOs want cheap labor and some Democrats want more voters, it’s worth looking at what’s going on in Mexico every so often.  After all, Mexico is a large source of illegal aliens and crime in the US, whether they be Mexican nationals or other-than-Mexicans (as CBP refers to them) who are simply smuggled through the porous border.

Consider a couple of recent incidents of cartel violence – four women accused of being members of one cartel being butchered by another cartel; and other people accused of being cartel members being decapitated (graphic).

That’s what’s going in in Mexico right now.

Meanwhile, the Mexican authorities are disarming the terrorized citizens in Michoacan, leaving them totally defenseless at the hands of the cartels and the police.

The mayor’s words strongly thundered like rockets on Sunday, May 19 setting the public on alert when the military arrived to try to disarm the people:

“The situation was unbearable!  We were all being extorted.  Even in the municipality we had to give them 10% of the budget each month and they were already starting to ask for 15%.  This happens with all the municipalities in the state and the governor even knows about it.  We accepted it at first, but when we stopped was when they started to mess with our families; they raped and took our wives, our daughters.  That’s when we said—Enough! This is a matter of dignity.”

After serious unrest with the Knights Templar cartel with citizen self defense groups fighting against the rapes (because the extortion is just how they expect to live), the police and military came in…

The order was to calm the area, but the first thing that they did was try to disarm the self defense groups that organized themselves to fend off attacks from the Knights Templar cartel.

The people responded with mass marches in the three municipalities, which has never been done before in the past, refused to turn in their weapons and kept the military from being placed in charge of the checkpoints.  “If we turn in our weapons the gunmen will kill us,” said a member of the Civic Association of Tepalcatepec, which has more than 1,000 men participating in the surveillance of Tepalcatepec.

Over the days the situation has become tenser because the federal forces have become dedicated in disarming the self defense groups and not fighting the Knights Templar cartel.  Until Friday May 24th, there hasn’t been a single criminal arrested.

The citizens have to pay fines to the cartels in order to live – just forking over their money in large amounts.  The cartel controls the countryside and extorts taxes by force.  When the cartels decided to go further, people finally started resisting.

“We were paying the quotas and everything would’ve stayed that way, but they started to mess with our families, with the women, they were forced to have sex with them; if they were to refuse, they would kill their parents.  They even forced the married women.  Yet no one dares to report them, it’s bad.  That is why people said enough is enough, this is about dignity.”

-“Then is it true that those who couldn’t pay the quota were forced to give them their daughters or wives?”

-“Yes, that was the problem.  The government is aware of this situation but does nothing because everyone’s in on it: the deputies, senators and maybe even the President, all this is a cancer that can’t be stopped.”

It’s worth noting this system of looting is endemic to Mexico, and applies not only at the criminal level, but at the governmental level.


It’s also worth noting that an immigration policy that lets anyone who’s broken the law just stay – and that is the objective – is going to be letting in huge numbers of cartel and gang members.  There’s no benefit to the US by importing these criminals – not just the run-of-the-mill drunk driver illegal aliens but the ultraviolent narcoterrorist cartel sicarios.

I’m going to use the same title that Real Clear Politics did.

This is the same Obama who had Eric Holder’s DOJ and ATF sending guns to Mexican narcoterrorist cartels.  This is the same Obama who hushed Fast and Furious up by exerting executive privilegeHe sent guns to Mexico.

This is not a question of American citizens’ rights, this is a question of the US government purposely arming narcoterrorists in order to have this talking point, claiming the 90% lie over and over.

I can’t think of many things more insulting or downright foul to hear from our President other than his own crimes being blamed on our rights – as was intended.   He is now going international with the demand that our rights go away because he committed crimes… to deny us those rights.

This is like a rapist saying “not only did she deserve it when I did it to her, but that proves my point, we have to keep the world safe from women like her who cause rape”.

First update on the civil suit against the Justice Department, from UT San Diego:

WASHINGTON — A federal judge seemed skeptical Wednesday of the Justice Department’s bid to dismiss a congressional lawsuit seeking records related to Operation Fast and Furious, a bungled federal gun-tracking operation in Arizona.

It was not a gun-tracking operation.  It was not bungled.  It did exactly what it was set out to do, it sent guns to Mexican narcoterrorist cartels, and it forced US gun stores to sell to people who should never have gotten guns.  There was no tracking involved, as whistleblower John Dodson stated – they were not allowed to track guns sent south, and they were intended to be recovered at crime scenes.  People buying guns included felons who could not have passed NICS background checks, except that the government gave them permission to buy guns by letting them pass background checks.

When asked about the breakdown, Stephen Fischer, a spokesman for the NICS System, said the FBI had no comment. However, an ATF agent who worked on the Fast and Furious investigation, told Fox News that NICS officials called the ATF in Phoenix whenever their suspects tried to buy a gun. That conversation typically led to a green light for the buyers, when it should have stopped them.

From the UD SD story again, the judge is at least doing her job:

Judge Amy Berman Jackson sharply challenged the department’s claim that federal courts have no jurisdiction in the dispute. Department lawyer Ian Gershengorn said the battle over the documents should be resolved by the checks and balances between the legislative and executive branches.

“I’m a check and balance,” countered Jackson, an appointee of President Barack Obama. “The third branch exists.”

Well, she seems better than other Obama appointments.  And she seems to understand that there has been no “check and balance” when the Department of Justice and the president have simply claimed executive privilege and hushed everything up – which is the reason for the lawsuit.  She is seeing things up close, so she probably has to acknowledge what’s going on.  She’s being presented with information directly, and can’t just ignore things like the media does.

To some degree, this is also a story of how the media not only gets it wrong, but how the media is carrying water for Obama.

The department has turned over thousands of pages of material on the operation itself. The continuing dispute is over documents describing how the department responded once Congress started investigating.

That's not a print of Malevich's "Black Square".

That’s what the Justice Department sent as “documents”.  Page after page after page.

Gershengorn said that if the suit were dismissed, Congress had other powers at its disposal, such as the power of the purse. He said that negotiations and accommodation between the House and the executive branch are messy and contentious, but that the system allows for accountability with voters.

That is absurd, insulting, and the kind of thing that would get Sam Adams heating up the tar and sending somebody to get feathers.  The DOJ is hushing up a the murder of two federal agents and hundreds of mexican citizens, hushing up their program that is the kind of violent criminal conspiracy that would make headlines for years if it were done by organized crime, but instead, is hushed up because the media simply refuses to report it, and refuses to report the truth because they love their great leader.

Saying that Congress can simply use “the power of the purse” to reduce budgets for departments is absurd.  No one is held accountable for this:

fast and furious 2010 massacre teens

People need to go to prison, not have their department funding meddled with.  The DOJ lawyer Gershengorn should be with them as an accomplice after the fact to murders.

House lawyer Kerry Kircher called the notion that there haven’t been meaningful negotiations and accommodations “preposterous.”

“We’ve been negotiating for four months,” Kircher said.

He also said the House was at a disadvantage.

“This is an asymmetrical relationship here,” Kircher said. “They have the documents. We don’t have the documents.”

As to Congress’ powers, such as reducing spending for the executive branch, he said, “All that means is they get less money” – not that the committee gets the documents.

Presented with this kind of thing, I’d like to say the judge won’t just rule in favor of who appointed her, but there’s little telling.

David Codrea at has some info on “Guns Across the Border“, a book that tells the story of Operation Wide Receiver.

Operation Wide Receiver,” a precursor to “Operation Fast and Furious” wherein U.S. guns were bought by straw purchasers and “walked” under the noses of ATF investigators into Mexico, has been the subject of numerous Gun Rights Examiner reports. The central figure in those reports was Mike Detty, a gun writer, a firearms dealer, and the confidential informant who literally risked his life over the course of years to do what he believed was right, only to find the obvious criminals weren’t the only ones he couldn’t trust.

Operation Wide receiver really was a botched sting.  The ATF in Mexico knew that guns were coming, the Mexican authorities knew guns were coming.  The smugglers turned out to be good at smuggling and got a lot of guns past both US and Mexican authorities through a variety of tactics.  Smugglers are good at smuggling?  Who’da thunk it?

Fast and Furious, by contrast, was not a botched sting.  The ATF in Mexico (ATF attache Darren Gil) and the Mexican authorities had no idea guns were coming, and the purpose was to find guns at murder scenes in Mexico, about which ATF supervisors were “almost giddy”.

Wide Receiver and Fast and Furious were two different thingsBob Owens at PJ Media did a solid bit on this explaining it further:

Wide Receiver sought to track and interdict guns being smuggled south using a combination of RFID-tracking devices embedded in the shipments and overheard surveillance aircraft. Wide Receiver failed because of the limitations of the technology used, compounded by the ineptness of its installation and the unexpected resourcefulness of the cartel’s gun smugglers.

As a result of the mistakes made in Wide Receiver, guns were lost: approximately 450 made it into Mexico. As a result, the botched operation launched in 2006 — and in this instance, actually botched — was shut down in 2007.

Compare the mistakes of Wide Receiver to the operations launched under Eric Holder’s Department of Justice, which had the advantages of learning from the postmortem failures of Wide Receiver two years before.

Fast and Furious used neither tracking devices nor aircraft, ran interference for smugglers with local law enforcement on multiple occasions, and federal agents were not allowed to interdict weapons.

Wide Receiver shut down within a year after 450 weapons went missing in a botched law enforcement operation. Fast and Furious purposefully ran at least 2,020 weapons to the Sinaloa cartel without any intention of arresting the straw purchasers and smugglers. Other operations in other states — CBS News’ Attkisson cites allegations of “at least 10 cities in five states” — allow the possibility that (if the other operations were as prolific as Fast and Furious) Holder’s Department of Justice may have intentionally sent more than 12,000 guns into criminal hands in the U.S and Mexico, enough to arm three U.S. Army brigades.

Law enforcement operations sometimes go horribly wrong, and every indication is that Operation Wide Receiver executed by the ATF during the Bush administration while Alberto Gonzales was the attorney general was a “keystone cops” operation of the first magnitude. It was a horrible failure.

But Fast and Furious was no accident.


Spanish channel Univision has won a Peabody Award for their Fast and Furious reporting.  Most all American media outlets choose to ignore the ATF’s botched Gun Walking operations where over 2500 guns ended up in Mexican cartels hands.

Univision’s Fast and Furious reporting.

It’s worth noting that they do start out with a lie that 70% of guns in Mexico come from the US, which Stratfor disproved back when the claim was 90%, but beyond that, it’s not too bad.

Katie Pavlich hit this a couple days ago:

As the immigration reform Gang of Eight inside the Beltway prepares to announce a deal later this week, claiming border security will come before a path to citizenship for millions of illegals, Border Patrol agents have seen illegal border crossings double and warn the cutting of agent work hours will only result in less border security, not more.

“We’ve seen the number of illegal aliens double, maybe even triple since amnesty talk started happening,” an agent told Townhall, who asked to remain unnamed due to fears of retaliation within Customs and Border Protection [CBP], something he said is common. “A lot of these people, although not the majority, are criminals or aggravated felons.  This is a direct danger to our communities.”

Data obtained by Townhall and reported within CBP from February 5 through March 1, 2013 shows 504 illegal aliens were spotted exploiting the Tucson/Nogales area, 189 were caught on CBP intelligence cameras.  Of those 504, only 174 were apprehended and 32 of the 189 on camera were carrying large drug load packs for Mexican cartels. Some were armed with AK-47 style weapons.

Folks who live and work on the border are well aware of this.  It’s happening all up and down the Texas border, and illegals are already asking BP agents for their “Obama papers”.

HotAir covers it today:

The drones aren’t in wide enough use yet to know what the numbers look like in other spots along the border but that situation may soon be remedied. And Border Patrol isn’t thrilled at the prospect. The official data on border security is a bit different from what the drones are seeing:

According to internal reports, Border Patrol agents used the airborne radar to help find and detain 1,874 people in the Sonora Desert between Oct. 1 and Jan. 17. But the radar system spotted an additional 1,962 people in the same area who evaded arrest and disappeared into the United States.

It’s very difficult to catch illegal aliens in many remote locations throughout the American southwest.

There are pretty much three types of illegal aliens – those that are apprehended, those whose tracks/paths are found but not apprehended, and those that are neither tracked/detected nor apprehended.  The ones caught and the ones that are known gotaways or turnbacks are the only two that can be counted.  You obviously cannot count aliens whose existence you’re unaware of.

The addition of a drone that scans the area just lets you know how many more that you didn’t find on the ground got past or got scared back (and usually crossed later).  And there are more now.


To make sense of this current increase, imagine you could sneak into Canada and make 10x what you’re making now as a guy who mows lawns.  Now imagine all you have to do is just get past the mounties on the porous border, and as soon as you’re to Calgary or Ottawa, you’re scot-free, as you’re in a “sanctuary city” where no one enforces the law – and because you’re an illegal alien, they won’t enforce province or city laws against you, either.  Now imagine that the PM of Canada, we’ll call him Hockey Obama-eh, is talking about giving you a path to stay in the country legally, even though you broke the law to enter.  Don’t you think you’d go jump the line ahead of those legal suckers for a free chance at 10x your normal pay?

You just have to walk through that – once.


Oh, and let’s not forget to add in that your Institutional Revolutionary Party in the United States has been blaming all your ills on the evil Canadians – blaming them for your drug trade and crime and blaming them for your country’s failures.  Your politicians have spent years deflecting blame onto Canada – so you don’t care about Canada as a nation and you view the Canadian people as racist oppressors.  And your politicians have talked about how Canada really belongs to the US, according to some fanciful interpretation of history that was decided hundreds of years ago – so you feel you have an ethnic and historical claim and entitlement to Canada’s wealth.  Some of Canada’s liberals even believe it and are so guilt-ridden they agree with your political propaganda, too.

They have all that bacon and beer and “free” health care and you have nothing!  They stole it from you!  You deserve it!   And they’ll let you do what you want because their politicians feel like it’s not nice to kick you out (and they want  you to vote for them illegally, or legally once they make you citizens).

Look at those smug oppressors!

bob and doug mckenzie canada

And let’s add in The Race, a racist organization dedicated to promoting people from the US in Canada at the expense of Canadian citizens, all while calling Canadians who politely ask you politely to leave – racists.  So you have your own advocacy group, you have their government backing you except for a thin line of mounties, and you’re being told you’ll be able to stay, many of their people want you for cheap labor or feel you’re entitled to their land, and you believe you’re entitled to whatever you like in their land.

Don’t you think you’d be making a run for the border right now?

Mexico’s Second Battle of Athens

Posted: April 1, 2013 by ShortTimer in Corruption, Government, Guns, Media

The first, in August of 2012.  The second, in March 2013 – from Borderland Beat:

ACAPULCO, Mexico (AP) — Hundreds of armed vigilantes have taken control of a town on a major highway in the Pacific coast state of Guerrero, arresting local police officers and searching homes after a vigilante leader was killed. Several opened fire on a car of Mexican tourists headed to the beach for Easter week.  (Much of this via Borderland Beat is from NYT, hence the bias. – ST)

Members of the area’s self-described “community police” say more than 1,500 members of the force were stopping traffic Wednesday at improvised checkpoints in the town of Tierra Colorado, which sits the highway connecting Mexico City to Acapulco. They arrested 12 police and the former director of public security in the town after a leader of the state’s vigilante movement was slain on Monday.

A tourist heading to the beach with relatives was slightly wounded Tuesday after they refused to stop at a roadblock and vigilantes fired shots at the car, officials said.

That’s what happens when you run checkpoints in dangerous areas, where community police are having to fight against narcoterrorist cartels and a violently corrupt government.

The vigilantes accuse the ex-security director of participating in the killing of vigilante leader Guadalupe Quinones Carbajal, 28, on behalf of local organized crime groups and dumping his body in a nearby town on Monday. They reported seizing several high-powered rifles from his car, and vigilantes were seen toting a number of sophisticated assault rifles on Wednesday, although it was not clear if all had been taken from the ex-security director’s car.

Sophisticated assault rifles?

sophisticated assault rifle

They know what’s up.

“We have besieged the municipality, because here criminals operate with impunity in broad daylight, in the view of municipal authorities. We have detained the director of public security because he is involved with this criminals and he knows who killed our commander,” said Bruno Placido Valerio, a spokesman for the vigilante group.

No matter how many times Placido states it and talks about the violence and corruption, the left will not get behind people fighting against corrupt governments and dictators, as evidenced by the Obama administration’s support of Zelaya in Honduras, and the NYT’s bias in the story.

Placido said vigilantes had searched a number of homes in the town and seized drugs from some. They turned over the ex-security director and police officers to state prosecutors, who agreed to investigate their alleged ties to organized crime.

The growing movement of “self-defense” vigilante groups has seen masked townspeople throw up checkpoints in several parts of southern and western Mexico, stopping passing motorists to search for weapons or people whose names are on hand-written lists of “suspects” wanted for crimes like theft and extortion.

If their government wasn’t composed of criminals, they could stay home and all be farmers and merchants and enjoy life.

The groups say they are fighting violence, kidnappings and extortions carried out by drug cartels, but concerns have surfaced that the vigilantes may be violating the law, the human rights of people they detain, or even cooperating with criminals in some cases.

And here the leftism shows up again.  Better to have everyone at the mercy of narcoterrorists and corrupt government tyrants than to have the people stand up for themselves.  “The law” means nothing where they live, and they’ve reasoned correctly that detaining someone wrongly is better than being beheaded.

Which criminals are they cooperating with, the police or the state government?  The situation is abysmal because no one will address it.  The people are doing what they must do for themselves – no one else will do it.  Maybe a rare few are working with criminals, but more likely the government is just accusing them so they can be targeted later.

Sensitive over their lack of ability to enforce public safety in rural areas, official have largely tolerated vigilante groups.

Officials in Mexico have no authority anywhere, don’t care, and don’t serve or protect.

The people are sick of being terrorized by their own government and the cartels, and they’re using their natural rights to fight back.

tierra colorada community police mexico

From the National Review & HotAir:

mccain illegal alien 130327


…except for the ABC story at HotAir that says apprehensions are down.

Mira, the way the Border Patrol works is that if they catch them, they’re apprehensions.  If they get away, they’re listed as gotaways.  Pretty simple so far.  If there are overlapping stations, they may or may not count them as gotaways for the station, because it doesn’t look good for stations to state they’re letting illegals through.   So they may pass them off to other stations either to attempt apprehension, or to call them someone else’s gotaways, or the record of the gotaways may be passed back.  Stations do things different ways, some list gotaways to show that they’re being overrun and need additional resources, others don’t list gotaways so they can say they have the area under control.  It all depends on local management and how they feel about the situation; and different directives from DC on what constitutes what.

From what I’ve heard and seen, and from plenty of open sources as well, the border is in fact not under control, and there are in fact significantly larger numbers of aliens crossing, being apprehended, and getting away.

No small part of this is due to the fact that smuggling operations were able to listen to Obama’s statements that the Border Patrol would have reduced hours for agents – and reduced time in the field means reduced time to apprehend aliens, means more time during shift changes, and means less time to cover remote areas far from the actual station headquarters.  Just like any rural law enforcement, officers have to show up for work and then drive to where they’re needed – and often times they’re needed far from where they start their workday.

None of this is news to anyone who’s ever worked anything as simple as a delivery route, or set up a military watch or patrol of a perimeter, or just thought about it for a few minutes.  Folks have other things to do, so they typically aren’t thinking about law enforcement operations – but in this case, there’s been a cause and effect from Obama saying “reduced hours” and alien/drug smugglers knowing exactly what that means to them.

Aliens also know that Obama’s promises of ramming amnesty down the throats of American citizens is good news for fence-jumpers.  All they have to do is get in before the deadline and they get a claim to your tax dollars.