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Independence Day.

Celebrate it Independence Day and remember what happened on this day so long ago. Our forefathers gave us the Declaration of Independence. It stated that a people had the right to be free. That every man, woman and child has the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. It addressed the grievances they brought against King George III in a clear argument as to why they should break their political and economic bonds to Great Britian.

Today, we as an American people are facing some of the same arguments as our founding fathers. We face increasing interference from our federal government in our lives to include our rights to see to our own bodies’ health, to create a living for oursleves without government saying how much we can or cannot use for our own benefit, and to hand pass on something tanglible to our children when we pass from this world.

Americans, enjoy this day. This is a day of freedom from all it was enshrined as such when the Declaration was read to the people in 1776. The document still stands and is just as applicable to our current overgrown, powerhungry federal government as it was to the government of King George III of Great Britian. Think on these things today as you are with your friends and family celebrating the very essence of which this amazing country was built on.

Happy Independence Day. Be Safe.

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