New Job at the White House: Dealing with Unfavorable Online Media

Posted: May 24, 2011 by JBH in Barack Obama, Czars, Obama administration, Progressives, Uncategorized
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The President has created a new job, only one, but a new job nonetheless. It is the post of Director of Progressive Media and Online Response. Sounds interesting. The new post will have the (I would think HUGE) job of building up President’s online presence and dealing with any negative media towards the President.

The new director, Jesse Lee, first tweet from his new White House post included a picture of the Terminator, suggesting this guy is taking his job very serious squashing stories the President’s campaign may find inconvenient. One website listed below is already calling Mr. Lee the “Czar of Truth.”

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  1. JBH says:

    All Bloggers and independent news sources need to be ready for this guy. Keep getting the word out, seek the truth, and this regime in Washington DC won’t be able to withstand it!

  2. […] No, the political kind.  The kind discussed here on The Patriot Perspective in the past by JBH. […]

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