Gunwalker Update: Fast & Furious Designed to Promote Gun Control

Posted: July 13, 2011 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Liberal Fascists, lies, Obama administration, Operation Gunwalker, Second Amendment
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Via SipseyStreetIrregulars and Katie Pavlich at

Bill Newell was SAC (special agent in charge) of the ATF Phoenix office running Fast & Furious. for those new to the party.

  1. […] link is to this post here at ThePatriotPerspective.  Except we’ve already had illustrated for us by internal emails that Fast and Furious was used ….  More than […]

  2. […] learned it in July, again in July,  those reporting regulations were mandated for southern border states, there was […]

  3. […] It’s more reinforcement of what we already know about their motivations. […]

  4. […] We’ve already seen OSHA try to regulate ammo and gun shops into non-existence, we’ve seen the EPA attempts to ban lead ammo as well as other types, which would make shooting sports prohibitively expensive, the new reporting requirements along the border that were created because of Obama and Holder’s ATF’s murderous Fast and Furious program. […]

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