Obama and Racism: How Else to Explain the Insults? … Pretty easy to do.

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Self-described leading online source of news and commentary from an African American perspective, founded in 2008 by Harvard Professor Henry “Beer Summit” Gates has this interesting story:

It’s a Great Time to be Racist (Alternate title: Obama and Racism: How Else to Explain the Insults?), by Nsenga Burton

Let’s face it: There’s only one explanation for some of the attacks on President Obama.

Racists have officially lost their minds.

There’s someone who officiates that?

In recent weeks, the venom spewed at President Barack Obama would leave one to believe that we are in the midst of a racist renaissance. “A dick,”jackass,” “tar baby, “your boy” — you name it and the president has been called it. For some reason, some people are so enraged by how this country is purportedly being run that they cannot separate a real critique of the president’s decisions from mean-spirited name-calling related to his race.

A racist renaissance?  Dick, jackass, tar baby, your boy?  That’s it?

For some reason, some people are so enraged by criticism of how this country is being run that they cannot separate a real critique of the president’s decisions or general name-calling from actual racism.

Yes, the country that likes to pretend that it is far removed from its racist past has engaged in the verbal equivalent of a throwback jersey. Some people have reached far back into that Reconstruction-era closet, pulled out that dingy jersey adorned with racial slurs, shaken it out and put it on proudly. Elected officials have reduced themselves to behaving like petulant children, storming in and out of meetings and running to the media to lob personal attacks at the president, then offering lame apologies shortly afterward.

Well, we aren’t that far removed from our racist past.  Democrat Senator and Grand Kleagle Robert Byrd hasn’t been dead for that long.  Leftists still keep dividing people by race, segregating them into new voting blocks.  They keep going back to ideas of racists past, like their progressive progenitor Woodrow Wilson, who segregated the fedgov and military.  They keep going back to the ideas of unabashedly racist Lyndon Baines Johnson, whose Great Society led blacks into state-dependant poverty in order to form a voting block that, as per LBJ’s words: “I’ll have them n*ggers voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.”

Now, I wasn’t aware that dick, jackass, and tar baby were racial slurs.  “Boy” if given proper intonation, can well be.  But it’s also often used as a term of criticism separated from race as well, like saying “your buddy”, “your brother”, “your son”, “your papi”, etc.  Expressions like “your boy”, “your son” can be referring to subordinates who aren’t displaying competence, while simultaneously denoting that the person being addressed is their superior and is therefore responsible for their lackluster performance.  “Your buddy”, or “your brother” refer to peers who are windowlickers, while “your papi”, “your dad”, etc., refer to a higher ranking individual who is by no means superior.

Corporal, tell your boy to stop lifting sandbags and start filling ’em.

Hell, even a “black” website like… The Root… knew that “your boy” wasn’t racist.

Slur? We’re going to have to go with Pat here and agree that it wasn’t one.

Well, until the next piece is written and “your boy” turns into a racist comment.

We got a peek at what was to come just seven months into President Obama’s tenure. Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) shouted, “You lie!” during the president’s speech about health care reform. Clearly Wilson had a flashback to legalized segregation, when folks publicly bullied, threatened and heckled blacks to remind them of who was “in charge.”

Wilson subsequently issued an apology, saying his actions were “regrettable” and he’d let his emotions take over. He was just the first of a series of elected officials acting like fools and then offering weak apologies as a remedy for said actions.

Obama did lie.  Joe Wilson called him on it… and was correct.  How is it racist to call a liar a liar?

Yes, it’s clear to anyone that “Wilson had a flashback to legalized segregation”.  Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurreee….

Well is it racist or not?

To be clear, “You lie!” is not a racist exclamation. Yet and still, it is insulting and in recent memory has not been used against any other president, even when he may have been lying about one thing or another.

Again, Obama lied.  How is calling a liar a liar racist?   I’d use the phrase “calling a spade a spade“, but over-sensitive racists might see that as a racist comment, despite the expression dating back to 1542 or so.

The problem is Joe Wilson shouldn’t have apologized.  John Wayne had this to say: “Don’t apologize, it’s a sign of weakness.”  Joe Wilson, and numerous others accused of racism are apologizing for doing what they think is right – and those apologies turn into admissions of guilt and culpability for actions that aren’t wrong.

Pundits and politicians like Wilson have been letting their emotions and their acidic tongues take over ever since. We’ve had other comments and shenanigans, like Tea Party member Marilyn Davenport of the Orange County Republican Central Committee sending out “chimp” emails of the first family, insisting that it was political satire and yet apologizing, while refusing to step down. That email was clearly racist because of the long history of comparing blacks to apes in art, literature, film and history, based on a so-called hierarchy of humans.

Well, maybe.  It could be racist, or it could just be imitating the political discourse of the left.

Let’s look at some of that leftist discourse now!


Just to make heads explode… Chimpy McBushitler meets Barack Obamonkey.  One is not racist in the least, and is a clever criticism of the worst president ever (according to sites like the Smirking Chimp), while the other is the most racist racism ever in the history of racist racism.

The most recent example of racial commentary comes from Rep. Doug Lamborn (R-Colo.), who referred to President Obama as a “tar baby.” He not only apologized but also said that he was certain the president would accept his apology because he is a “man of character.”

Tar baby comes from an Uncle Remus story.  You touch it, you get stuck in it.  It’s a folksy southern analogy that could’ve just as easily been a black hole.  Hey, is that racist?

Thanks, kid!

Not knowing anything about Rep. Lamborn aside from what I’ve read just now, I’m immediately critical of his apology.  If he didn’t mean to say it, why did he say it?  If he has to explain it because the audience is ignorant, then he has to explain it.  But why apologize based on someone else’s being offended?  If it wasn’t intended to offend, just say “it wasn’t meant to be offensive, you should grow some thicker skin and see when something is and isn’t meant to be racially offensive”.  Guess what: there are a lot of non-racist people out there.

Organized Racism

Therein lies the rub: These examples of what appears to be a fundamental lack of respect for President Obama have more than offensive words behind them. Racism is the belief that races have distinctive cultural characteristics determined by hereditary factors and that this endows some races with an intrinsic superiority over others. These politicians and pundits appear to be engaging in racist acts based on this flawed ideology at the same time that all kinds of “movements” have sprung up in reaction to Obama’s election.

Obama has a fundamental lack of respect for the nation.  He considers the compact between people and government – the Constitution – to be fundamentally flawed and a “charter of negative liberties” – he’s critical of restrictions on government power imposed by free people.  His choices in racists like Sotomayor and radical communist racists like Van Jones and radical advocates of genocide like John Holdren indicate a lot more offense than anyone calling him a “dick”.

So if racism is wrong, why are the distinctive cultural characteristics embraced by the left in order to form voting blocks and ethnic constitutencies right?  Oh, because it’s leftist racism.  Doublethink.

No other president has had his qualifications for the office challenged so vigorously.

8 years of criticism of Bush and we’re expected to believe that?

Is it just partisanship? Could be, but it seems to be pretty darn close to racism.

Except it’s not.  And your own article admits it.  And your own website admits it.  And it’s not racism.  If you want to see racism, you’ll find plenty on the media/Democrat left, and plenty on the national socialist left at Stormfront (I’m not linking to them).

Rush Limbaugh and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky are on record for wanting President Obama to fail. Why? McConnell and Limbaugh uttered these words early in Obama’s tenure as president, even before he could reasonably have gotten anything off the ground.

Yes.  And that’s not racism.  Obama’s stated goals were to “fundamentally change” the country.  Michelle Obama said Barry would “force us to change”.  Obama said we couldn’t drive our SUVs or have our heat at 72 based on what other countries think.  Obama said under his plan, “energy prices would necessarily skyrocket“.  Obama said he wanted to “spread the wealth around”.

If Obama were to succeed, those who’ve succeeded (and in turn employ those working their way up), will have their costs of living increased, their nation changed by force, their accumulated wealth forcibly redistributed, and the entire nation will fail.  Obama’s plan is antithetical to the continued success of the United States and all its citizens (and legal alien nationals within the US).

Could it be partisanship? Yes. Could it be a profound lack of patriotism? Yes. But again, it smacks of something that has nothing to do with partisanship or patriotism but with the basest of reasons for disliking and disrespecting someone: because he or she does not look like you.

Could it be aliens?  Yes.  Could it be our robot overlords?  Yes.  Could it be crab people?  Yes.  Could it be Descartes’ Great Deceiver?  Yes.

Is it?  No.

Partisanship comes from having different ideas.  The left wants a command economy, control of people’s lives and freedom.  The right wants a free economy, and only select traditionalist elements want any control of people’s lives and freedom.  Patriotism stems from wanting your country to do well.  If Obama’s fundamental changes succeed, we’d have things like contracts being rendered null and void due to political pull, “under the radar” attacks on the Bill of Rights, and so on.

One of the critical failures of this is the doublethink that then comes about when someone like Thomas Sowell or David Webb criticizes Obama.  Then they’re suddenly “not black”… even though both are much blacker than Obama (given that his mom Stanley is about as white as you get).

If it isn’t because President Obama is black, then what is it? There is plenty to criticize about the current administration, but the inability to do so with respect for the man or the office is the giveaway.

No it’s not.  If Nsenga Burton and those of similar ilk don’t get it, they should see these links by photojournalist Zombie:

Bush As Hitler

Death Threats Against Bush

There is plenty to criticize, and given Obama’s disrespect and contempt for the nation, its traditions, its virtues, and its people, is something that the population at large is willing to reciprocate.

The racial climate is suffocating and getting worse. Every other week, another politician or pundit is apologizing for making what he or she keeps calling inappropriate comments about President Obama. But what these people call inappropriate, insulting or partisan, I call racist — a term that describes abusive or aggressive behavior toward a member of another race based on the belief that some races have an intrinsic superiority over others. If this is not what we’re witnessing, then I don’t know what it is.

They shouldn’t be apologizing.  That gives the impression that what they said is wrong.  In this case, their apologies are to people who are oversensitive, and the apology itself turns into an acknowledgement that something is amiss.

If you try to calm a dog during a thunderstorm or when scared by changing your tone of voice, the dog gets worried.  Since you changed your tone of voice, something must be amiss.  If you go “don’t worry, boy, it’ll be okay” in a coddling tone, the dog starts to think that there’s something wrong, and it actually stresses the dog out more.  If you address the dog in normal tones of voice and don’t act like anything is wrong, the dog will still sense the danger, but won’t fret.

Likewise, if people with criticisms ignore the perpetual cries of racism, then they give the racialist racists nothing to feed on.  If you apologize for every little thing, then it’s going to seem like you know you’ve done something wrong, and something is wrong.  Consider above – the dog analogy and the use of the word “boy” may have just set off some leftist racialist racist’s dog whistle, but I don’t really care.  It’s not racist, it’s an analogy.

When leftists go after Clarence Thomas because they want an unrestrained government, then they’re doing what they believe.  When they say he should be hanged or fed his own toes, well, they’re racist.  The left’s institutional racialist racists ignore anything done against those they oppose on political grounds.

Obama’s being criticized by a rare few because he’s racist.  Find the n-word thrown around by a non-democrat and you’ll find some racism.  Sure, democrat union thugs beat black guys and call them the n-word, but like most leftist doublethink, that means nothing, and since Kenneth Gladney was a tea partier, he must’ve really been white.

Yes, it’s a great time to be a racist, and a horrible time to be the nation’s first black president.

I guess if you have the right political orientation – namely leftist, then it is a great time to be a racist.  And why is it a horrible time to be Bill Clinton?

How else to explain the insults?  How about he’s fundamentally opposed to many of the things that have made the US great, he opposes things we do well and right, he divides people in the same manner he did as a community organizer, his hollow rhetoric duped people who meant well, his constant blaming of others for his own abysmal failures at every turn becomes a cry for more power – how about the fact that his success means the country’s failure?  People are mad at him.

They’re not mad because he’s half-black, they’re mad because virtually all of the things he believes are in opposition to what everyone in the nation believes.  They’re mad because those who voted for him blindly out of hope and change are regretting their foolish decision to vote on emotion instead of logic.  They’re mad because they’ve seen his successes lead to the nation’s failure.  They’re mad because his every success is meant to crush the nation.  They’re mad because he bows to and hugs dictators, but shoves the Dalai Lama out the back door of the White House past the trash.  They’re mad because his claim of opposing corporatism is in direct opposition to his unabashed favoritism for G.E.  They’re mad because he’s overseen two stimulus programs, both of which we were told would save the economy, and neither of which has done so – they’re mad because every failure of his turns into a need for more power.  They’re mad because so many of the things Bush was accused of, Obama has perpetuated.

They’re mad because he told veterans to pay for their war wounds.  They’re mad because he’s so far disconnected from society he blathers about arugula and doesn’t know how to say corpsman.  They’re mad because he doesn’t act like an American, he doesn’t care about America, and he wants America to change into what he wants.

Most Americans are pretty proud of their nation, and Obama’s constant and utter disrespect for the nation wears thin.

It’s not his skin color.  It’s the content of his character.


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