Obama Campaign: Dazed and Confused?

Posted: October 4, 2011 by JBH in 2012 Campaign, Barack Obama, COngressional Gridlock
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From The Weekly Standard:

I’d be curious to know exactly how the Obama 2012 Campaign messed this one up. I mean seriously… how does one blame the Republicans for the Democrats refusing to introduce the bill in the United States Senate? Here’s how:

President Obama is in Dallas today urging Americans who support the American Jobs Act to demand that Congress pass it already.

Though it’s been nearly a month since he laid out this plan, House Republicans haven’t acted to pass it. And House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is out there actually bragging that they won’t even put the jobs package up for a vote — ever.

It’s not clear which part of the bill they now object to: building roads, hiring teachers, getting veterans back to work. They’re willing to block the American Jobs Act — and they think you won’t do anything about it.

But here’s something you can do: Find Republican members of Congress on Twitter, call them out, and demand they pass this bill. (Bold is their emphasis)

That email was sent out shortly after Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader, called for a VOTE (my emphasis) on Obama’s job’s bill. Mr. Reid can’t find the votes, so he objected to the motion. SO let’s see here. Let’s make sure we have the facts. McConnell (Republican) brings a motion for the bill (also known as Stimulus Jr.), which must be passed now according to our dear leader. Reid (Democrat), the man in charge in the senate, also known as the majority leader, also the guy that determines how, what, when, where and why in the senate blocks the motion. Logic here says that if the Republicans are willing to bring it forward and vote, why on the Lord’s green earth would a guy from the President’s own party block the vote? Not enough votes? No support from the President’s own party? Who knows?

What I do know is that Obama’s Campaign seems to be lying or incompetent which actually seems to be a problem for the Obama Administration as well. If you plan on voting for Obama and didn’t understand a thing this post says please click here and follow the links to report me to the appropriate Attack Watch personnel.


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