Gunwalker Update: Eric Holder Knew

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Via Daily Caller and HotAir:

Attorney General Eric Holder’s Department of Justice dumped documents related to Operation Fast and Furious on congressional officials late Friday night. Central to this document dump is a series of emails showing Holder was informed of slain Border Patrol agent Brian Terry’s murder on the day it happened – December 15, 2010.

An email from one official, whose name has been redacted from the document, to now-former Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke reads: “On December 14, 2010, a BORTAC agent working in the Nogales, AZ AOR was shot. The agent was conducting Border Patrol operations 18 miles north of the international boundary when he encountered [redacted word] unidentified subjects. Shots were exchanged resulting in the agent being shot. At this time, the agent is being transported to an area where he can be air lifted to an emergency medical center.”

That email was sent at 2:31 a.m. on the day Terry was shot. One hour later, a follow-up email read: “Our agent has passed away.”

Burke forwarded those two emails to Holder’s then-deputy chief of staff Monty Wilkinson later that morning, adding that the incident was “not good” because it happened “18 miles w/in” the border.

Wilkinson responded to Burke shortly thereafter and said the incident was “tragic.” “I’ve alerted the AG [Holder], the Acting DAG, Lisa, etc.”

Then, later that day, Burke followed up with Wilkinson after Burke discovered from officials whose names are redacted that the guns used to kill Terry were from Fast and Furious. “The guns found in the desert near the murder BP officer connect back to the investigation we were going to talk about – they were AK-47s purchased at a Phoenix gun store,” Burke wrote to Wilkinson.

“I’ll call tomorrow,” Wilkinson responded.

What did he know, when did he know it?  He knew it all.  He lied.  He’s guilty.  He doesn’t care.

Meanwhile, from the AP:

Also among the documents are Justice Department emails involving a former top aide to Attorney General Eric Holder. The emails show that then-deputy chief of staff Monty Wilkinson was notified by then-U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke the day after Terry was slain that guns found at the murder scene were connected to an investigation that Burke and Wilkinson had planned to discuss. The emails did not identify the investigation, but it was Operation Fast and Furious.

In a letter to the committee, the Justice Department said that Wilkinson does not recall a follow-up call with Burke and that Wilkinson does not recall discussing this aspect of the matter with the attorney general. According to the letter, the department has been advised that Burke has no recollection of discussing this aspect of the matter with Wilkinson.

Oh, yeah, he forgot.

Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street has this (graphic), jaded post, revisiting past federal crimes Holder was involved in, which his last line rather solemnly summarizes:

If my long education in bi-partisan perfidy in the cover-up of federal murder and mass murder has made me impatient, abrasive, untrusting and cynical, I make no apology. If we do see a complete and honest investigation of the Gunwalker Conspiracy, it would be a triumph of faint hope over jaded experience.

But that’s not the way to bet.

Of course, people have been expecting this to go nowhere from day 1.

Waaay back on page 1 of NoloContendre’s monumental thread covering Fast and Furious, there’s these kind of naysaying comments from Jan 2011, from one of the staunchest pro-2A communities out there:

Tag for the nothing that will really happen.

Don’t expect much to come of this and you won’t be disappointed.

Dog and pony show.  Absolutely nothing will come of it.

This will get buried under so much red tape and back door dealings it will never see the light of day

Naysayers gonna naysay.  Vanderboegh, Codrea and then Attkisson have done a lot to bring this story out, and have driven it far enough that it won’t just fall by the wayside.  Every day that investigation goes on whether by congress or by journalists or bloggers, the story gets bigger, and it chips away at the criminals in govt.

And besides, these last four years have been all about hope and change, right?

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