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Posted: February 29, 2012 by ShortTimer in "Civility", Leftists, lies, Progressives and Left

HotAir brings you up to date:

The story was too good to be true.  A wealthy banker runs up a three-figure bill, only tips 1% (!), and writes a note to the server to “get a real job” as a parting insult.  CNN, Huffington Post, and other media outlets ran with the story of the arrogant banker and his miserly recompense to the help.  There was only one thing wrong — it really was too good to be true.

Video at HotAir.

The infamous photo, from the now-defunct blog “Future Ex-Banker”:

Except it was completely fabricated.

From Huffpo’s “correction”:

Photo Purportedly Showing Banker’s 1% Lunch Bill Tip ‘Altered And Exaggerated’ [UPDATED]

CORRECTION:On Monday evening, True Food Kitchen in Newport Beach released an official statement based on their investigation (described below in Update I) into the authenticity of the purported receipt showing a 1% tip. The restaurant’s statement reveals that their hard receipt copies do not, in fact, match the photo (shown below) that was initially posted on (since taken down). Scroll down for the complete statement from True Food Kitchen.

What would you take from that?  Altered and exaggerated?  Would you take it to mean there was a 20% tip, a bill of $33.54, and the whole thing was fabricated?  Well that’d be the actual facts here.

The restaurant told CBS2/KCAL9 that they have been receiving hundreds of phone calls and e-mails from people outraged over the reported story. They have confirmed that the receipt was changed and that the original receipt lists the meal as just over $30, with a 20 percent tip and no message aimed at the waitress.

From Laist:

Well, it was fun while it lasted, but apparently the notorious “1% tipper” was all made up.

That first part of the sentence really is the problem here.  Lies are “fun” while they last.  Lies are “fun” because we don’t need facts to back up our claims.  Lies are “fun” because we can smear people with them – and they don’t get to say anything about it.  Lies are “fun”.

From the comments below:

zombiebobTop 100

even if it was a partial set-up ( I don’t believe that personnaly, dude is just trying to save his ass, as is the restaurant, don’t want to piss off our overlords, that would be VERY bad for business), just like w Dan Rather and the Bush debacle… there is still a truth to it: Bush WAS a draft Dodging piece of shit, and the 1% are still for the most part obnoxious scum buckets.


… proof? Oh wait, you don’t need that because there is “still a truth to it” which you define based on something other than truth.

Sigh … at least you found a use for all of those post-modern literature courses you took …

At least there’s a rebuttal to it.  But the mentality pervades:

Ezra HorneTop 50

The thing is, it’s hard to say that this wasn’t made up by a banker to make people less sympathetic to the uprising of the working class that is brewing.

Remember, these people are VERY smart and are VERY frightened that people are waking up to the abuses of the “job creators” to borrow a term from the GOP.


Actually, it’s easy:  this wasn’t made up by a banker to make people less sympathetic to the working class uprising.

Look out!  Behind you!  It’s a conspiracy!

Ezra HorneTop 50

I’m just saying, it hardly proves either side is responsible, it’s an isolated incident.  We really don’t know.


Therefore, it must be an evil banker.  This is clearly a clever banker out to slander the 99%, who have been fine upstanding citizens throughout all of the Occupy protests, and since the person who would most benefit from this slander would be the leftist OWS movement, of course when they are found out and their blog suddenly vanishes, it must be the other side that did it in an attempt to slander them.  Caught in the act, blame the other side, claiming they did it and you didn’t.

From the Consumerist:

February 27, 2012 9:14 PM

Restaurant could easily have faked the “real” one so the banker wouldn’t sue them.

February 27, 2012 9:34 PM

This is just the 1% trying to cover up for one of there idiots. Don’t be fooled.

February 28, 2012 10:28 AM

Bullshit, I don’t believe the restaurant for a second. They just don’t want bad press.

Now, normally just quoting a bunch of idiot leftist’s comments seems like a waste of time.  But it’s actually kind of a barometer of what these people are thinking and what they’re willing to say, attaching it to their screenname for all posterity.

One poster did go out and generate rebuttals to the other commenters, worth reading for the original leftist vitriol and rebuttals:

10,000 Hours
February 28, 2012 1:08 PM

Time to call people out on yesterday’s vitriol:

MMD: “But, for me, this photo works quite well as a symbol of everything that’s wrong with the conservative/libertarian/tea party mentality that we should stop taxing the “job creators”. Wealth does *not* trickle down.” —> Now that its proven a hoax, is this a symbol of everything that’s wrong with agenda-driven lefties who believe and promote lies?

MMD, again: “It may be inconvenient for you to admit this, but this photo doesn’t help conservative causes much.” —> So now that this photo is a fake, how does this help liberal causes?

OnePumpChump: “I think it’s safe to say that THIS banker is a conservative.” —> Now that its shown to be a fake, and the actual tip was above 20%, is it still safe to say this guy is a conservative? If not, why not? And is it ‘safe to say’ the hoax was done by a lefty, and therefore all lefties will lie as long as it helps their cause?

Cat has been freebasing Folgers Crystals: “There is no “class warfare”. That’s impossible when the “upper class” has no class” —> Is forging receipts to continue class warfare considered a “classy” thing to do?

zantafio: “well why oh why blacking out the name of that douchebag? Come on let’s publicly shame that a$$. Oh and if waitressing is not a “real job” then I guess bars and restaurants would do perfectly fine with no waiters.” —> Will you get behind publicly shaming the people behind this hoax, or should they not come forward because the “overall message” still rings true?

nocturnaljames: “This person does have a real job, providing a valuable service. On the other hand, the banker doesn’t have a real job, doesn’t create anything, just destroys lives.” —> Would you consider forging a fake receipt in order to increase hatred against other Americans solely because they make more money than you “creative” or “destructive”?

marc6065: “I have a ‘real job” it is beating the shit out snobby asshats like this jackoff. Let me know where he is , he is past due for his “tuneup”!!!” —> Does your job description for “Internet Tough Guy” include beating up asshats who fake receipts in order to lie about other Americans?

ancientone567: “I would actually love to beat the shit out of this guy to within 1 inch of his life and I am not a violent person. Then I would give him a “TIP” and tell him to try to keep breathing, through the blood, if he wants to live.” —> Now that ‘this guy’ probably doesn’t exist and whoever actually signed the bill gave a 20%+ tip, who will you beat up as “Co-Internet Tough Guy”? The hoaxer? A random banker?

Sisterfunkhaus: “They should ban the customer from the restaurant. That is disgusting. It seems almost like sociopathic behavior to treat someone that way.” —> Is it sociopathic behavior to hate the 1% so much that you have to resort to forging a receipt to “prove” how evil they are? Is it sociopathic to pass this along as 100% true without any bit of skepticism?

Again, the comments are worth noting because they go to mindset.  They go to people who are willing to believe any lie without substantiation.  When caught in a lie, they accuse the other side of setting the lie up, therefore making it still correct in their own minds.


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