Occupy Protesters: “Only the blood of the rich will stop occupy!”

Posted: March 21, 2012 by ShortTimer in "Civility", Leftists, Occupy Wall Street, Progressives and Left

Via Jawa Report:

Vandals from Occupy St. Louis vandalized historic park buildings and statues:

The statue is called “The Naked Truth” and was made back in 1914.

St. Louis Today has the story.

The discussion page at St. Louis Today is rather interesting:

There’s a big problem with all this, beyond the Marxist call for violence.  It’s basically that the entire concept of class warfare requires people to buy into a class system that is itself an artificial construct.

While there are people who do, Americans, in general, view socio-economic class as variable and fluctuating, which, in the US, it is.  You can go from an orphan to a multibillionaire by hard work (or at least by ripping off Xerox).  You aren’t born into a class as a caste, and you are free to move up or down depending on your own decisions, determinant on hard work, luck, and the vicissitudes of life.  Maybe you’ll be born into money and squander it.  Maybe you’ll be born poor and work your way up to a gigantic media empire.  Maybe you’ll be born with a little and through a lifetime of work, end up with a lot more than you started with.  Maybe you’ll live for the day and live a full life without material possessions or wealth because it’s not your concern.  Whatever the case may be, you’re free to live your own life.

With the exception of government, there really isn’t anyone oppressing you.  “The rich” have no more rights than you do in a republic that is a nation of laws (though they may have more expensive lawyers, and an exception is made for progressive-types that use the government as a tool to control the citizen “for their own good” and try to turn a republic into a nation of men instead of laws).  But realistically, the guy making $200K per year isn’t oppressing the guy making $25K per year.  The guy making $25K per year is subsidized with his EIC based on the $200K guy’s taxes.  The guy making $200M per year is employing the guy making $200K, and the $200M and $200K guys are employing the guy making $25K, and providing him with goods and services that make his $25K go further.  Everyone benefits.

The Occupy crowd claiming to be the “99%” seem to forget that to 99% of the world, you (if you’re reading this) are “the rich”.

I would happily swap every entitled snot-nosed Occupy protester on a 1 for 1 basis with Indian garbage picking “untouchable caste” children.  The kids above, if given the resources and advantages of the self-titled 99%, would make something of their lives rather than whine that someone else owes them something simply for existing.

Those kids know that if they’re making $50 a year, that’s not at someone else’s expense, and the guy making $50M a year doesn’t make it at their expense.  They know that the people who work hard, even in sweatshops, are making a bit more, but their lives are improving, and they know that the employees there are just selling their labor in order to benefit themselves.  They could be using that same work to pick through trash or try to subsistence farm or poach.  They know that handouts are given to them as a means of charity by individuals who care, not by a government that equalizes misery – taking from one poor man to give to another, while the rich bureaucrat justifies his own wealth as necessary so he can “do good”.  These kids know that those who do better produce more for others, which leads to benefits for those who are further down the ladder, and up the ladder.  In a direct (but sad) way, the better the garbage the next guy up the ladder makes, the better things they kids find; the harder the trash-picker works, the better things he finds through his efforts (though luck plays a role).  In less sad way, the guy who does better can hire them for something, or can fund a charity, or can fund philanthropic schooling or aid for them.

They don’t demand the blood of the rich or destroy public property declaring “class war” because they don’t have enough to get by.  They work hard to make sure they get by, and every chance they get, they try to improve their lives, even if only slightly.

They do not write on computers that “the rich elite” must be targeted with “vandalism and violence”.  They do not destroy public buildings and statues (unless maybe stealing something to sell for food to live).

Who in that child’s eyes is the good person?  The one who works hard to earn their living, provide for their family, provide for others if they choose, or even just solely to selfishly provide for themselves (which invariably results in buying and selling goods from others – which benefits everyone); or is it the person who is handed everything and then throws a tantrum demanding more?  Those kids understand the natural law, and they understand how labor relates to value – they understand it on a primal level that the Occupy protestors are woefully ignorant of.


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