Gunwalker Update: ATF Rank & File Disgruntled, ATF Calls Their Accusers Liars, FBI Involved Again, Tea Party Nation Founder Slams Do-Nothing Republicans

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Via FOX:

Top leaders at the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, already under fire from lawmakers in the wake of the “Fast and Furious” debacle, also get harsh marks from the men and women who serve under them, according to an internal survey.

An ATF memo obtained by reveals that rank-and-file workers at the beleaguered federal agency, where whistleblowers who first alerted lawmakers to the “gun-walking” scandal say they were threatened or even punished, don’t trust the agency’s leaders.

This isn’t a big surprise at all.  The ATF’s history in accusing Agent Jay Dobbins of burning down his own house, of retaliating against whistleblowers, and now accusing Issa, Grassley and primary F&F whistleblower John Dodson of lying is one that shows who and what the ATF is.

Others at ATF who took the survey told that ATF’s treatment of whistleblowers affected the ratings they gave.

“I gave them a low rating,” said an ATF manager who spoke to on condition of anonymity.

“In the midst of the Fast and Furious investigation… [ATF leadership] sent a letter to Senator [Charles] Grassley [R-Iowa], saying ‘these whistleblowers are lying,’” he explained. “There’s no integrity.”

He added that while ATF says it has now replaced old leadership with new players, the old leaders never get fired.

“Where are we, 15, 16 months outside of Brian Terry’s murder? Nobody’s been held accountable for anything,” he said, referring to a border patrol agent who was killed with an illegal weapon that was allowed to enter Mexico as part of operation Fast and Furious.

The problem goes deeper than Fast and Furious, he added.

“When a manager gets caught in an unethical or unlawful act, the only ‘punishment’ that comes with it is a taxpayer-funded move. You’ll retain full pay, full benefits, and we’ll pay to move you, usually to headquarters in DC.”

The ATF’s retaliation against good agents and promotion of bad agents has been detailed here before.

He added that in his experience, more than half of the agency’s leadership was “more problem than solution.”

“They’re abusive, self-serving characters,” he said.

Really, ya think?  A group of JBTs whose purpose is to enforce unconstitutional laws, who make regulation into prison terms, and whose primary function is political undermining of the US constitution?  Really, you think that might attract some bad people?

Katie Pavlich at Townhall has more on the ATF accusing everyone else of lying about them.  Worth reading.

William Lajeunesse at FOX has a piece on further exposure of the FBI’s involvement:

The investigation of Operation Fast and Furious escalated this past week as Fox News learned a leak at the Justice Department is providing documents to the Congressional investigators.

The scope of investigation also includes the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which records show failed to tell ATF its own confidential informants were helping finance the illegal gun purchases.

Eduardo and Jesus A. Miramontes-Varela, Mexican nationals born in Juarez worked for the Sinaloa Cartel when they became informants for the FBI in 2009, according to sources.

Previously, the brothers, ages 36 and 37, worked as informants for police in Miami, the U.S. Marshall’s Service, and the DEA.

According to DEA and Congressional reports, the two men were the primary cartel contacts used to finance the illegal gun trafficking ring. Jim Needles, the assistant Agent in Charge of the Phoenix ATF office estimated the brothers spent $250,000 on guns tracked by his agency while conducting Operation Fast and Furious. Needles called it “a disappointment” the FBI didn’t bother to tell his agency of the connection.

So the ATF, already running guns to the cartels, is in addition running guns to FBI informants… so the FBI stands by and lets their own criminal informants keep running guns.  So the FBI is also complicit in letting this crime be committed.  Let’s just round them all up for 18 USC 242.

A Congressional spokesperson for Issa made no apologies, saying the documents being leaked to the committee “are precisely what the Justice Department is hiding and what congressional investigators are seeking – basic information about who knew what when about Fast and Furious.”

They’re stonewalling so effectively that Fast and Furious is dropping off the radar.  It’s kind of a bummer to post “spineless Republicans threaten Holder with contempt but then don’t do it” over and over.  Oh, but wait:

Tea Party Nation Founder Slams GOP For “Sitting There” Instead of Taking on Fast & Furious Scandal

Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, appeared on Fox News this morning and called out top Republican leaders in Congress for their inaction on the Fast & Furious gunrunning scandal. Phillips accused GOP leaders like John Boehner and Eric Cantor of just “sitting there” and “not picking a fight with the president” instead of making the case a priority.

“The Republican leadership were just kind of sitting there, and that’s really a pretty accurate story. What my friends in Washington tell me is that Boehner says what he learned from the 1995 government shutdown is ‘you never pick a fight with the president.’ Well, here’s my question: if you’re not going to pick a fight with the president, especially when you’ve got an issue like this Fast & Furious operation… if you’re not going to pick a fight with the president when it’s something that’s really really important, what are you doing there?”

And this is why Congress has such a low approval rating.  For every Issa there’s a Boehner and Cantor.

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