Female Marines to Infantry Officer School

Posted: April 19, 2012 by ShortTimer in Marine Corps, political correctness, Progressives and Left, US Military

Via the insulting leftist social-engineers at  Gannett Marine Corps Times:

The Marine Corps school that produces infantry combat officers will enroll its first-ever female students this year, Marine Corps Times has learned.

As part of the service’s extensive research campaign to determine what additional jobs could be opened to women, an undetermined number of volunteers will attend the Infantry Officers Course in Quantico, Va., said Gen. Joseph Dunford, the Corps’ assistant commandant. There, Marine officers are groomed to serve in direct combat roles and lead troops into battle.

“We are in the process right now of soliciting volunteers,” Dunford said on Wednesday.

It’s a monumental — if controversial — move for the Marine Corps, which until now barred female Marines from the program and required instead that they attend other courses aimed at preparing them for assignments in support roles such as logistics, personnel administration and aircraft maintenance, among others.

Nothing good will come of this.  Women aren’t up to the physical demands.  Many men aren’t either.  There will be women put in jobs they shouldn’t be in, and when some fail, the standards will be reduced.  Everyone will suffer.

The Corps has been studying this issue for more than a year. In February, officials announced that company-grade officers and staff noncommissioned officers would be assigned for the first time to select jobs previously open only to men, though not in the infantry or any billets for which ground combat is a primary mission. Starting in May, women will be considered for about 400 positions within six types of battalions:

• Amphibious assault

• Artillery

• Combat assault

• Combat engineer

• Low-altitude air defense

• Tank.

None of those jobs is without extreme physical strength requirements.  AAV crews require strength, artillery requires strength, combat assaultmen and engineers require strength, LAAD gunners even need it, and tankers need it.  With the exception of LAAD (sometimes) they are all front-line jobs.  A 110 pound woman will not drag a 250 pound man to safety.  Not happening.  A group of 18-25 year olds in the same environment with mixed genders (and orientations, thanks to politicians) is going to end up with pregnancies and relationship squabbles moreso than an all male unit.  There are a myriad of reasons why this doesn’t work, none of which are being listened to by the politicians and political generals.

Additionally, new functional fitness tests are being developed to help Marine Corps leaders determine how women and men perform in, and cope with, various combat tasks. The goal is to establish “gender-neutral” physical fitness standards. Details are scant, but the Marine Corps’ Training and Education Command is looking to purchase a variety of new equipment specifically for these tests, suggesting the tasks associated with them will closely mimic combat-essential duties such as operating and moving heavy weaponry, and carrying casualties from the battlefield.

The Marine Corps defines gender-neutral physical standards as being identical for men and women, rather than weighted — or “gender-normed” — like those applied in the service’s annual Physical Fitness Test. During the PFT, women can earn a minimum or maximum score with fewer repetitions and a slower run times than their male counterparts.

Stand by for lower standards for everyone.  The bar will be dropped so women can make it, letting in women (and men) who don’t belong there.

The left loves the military as a social experiment.  They love the control, and they’re using it.  It’s making the military weaker, ultimately undermining its purpose.

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    I found an interesting development and good analysis worth sharing over at The Patriot Perspective.
    Saying that women don’t belong isn’t too popular a stance nowadays. Still, it needs saying sometimes. It doesn’t mean women should have their opportunities limited because their gender is inferior. It just means the constraints of reality can limit women’s opportunities whether we like to admit it or not.
    Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. […] reblogged and commented on a post from a little while back about female Marines going to Infantry Officer School: I found an interesting development and good analysis over at The Patriot Perspective. Saying that […]

  4. […] like I said the first time, it’s still a social experiment that doesn’t belong.  It’s a task very, few men […]

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