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What interesting timing…


Early May has such significance.

Just so interesting.  HT Jawa Report and Adam Baldwin.

Obama is the Heartland.  Obama is the nation.  He’s the everyman and the man who is everything.  He is the alpha and the omega, Obama is the One.  He will stop the rise of the oceans, save us from our racism, and fight against the bankers and the moneylenders who have ruined our nation.

That’s not similar at all to anything ever.

Nope.  Never.  We’ve never seen stuff like this before.

Nope, it’s totally insane reich-wing rethugliKKKans doing this.  From the left:

Never mind that the fascist Hitler fought a war against communist Stalin, and killed leftists domestically — Obama is apparently uniquely able to bridge this ideological divide with a single word.

Oh, wait, so two dictators bent on state control of the means of production, redistribution of wealth for their own chosen people, the “greater good”, the destruction of anyone and any means necessary to achieve it, the destruction of personal liberty, and the fact that they were both socialists.  After all, the National German Socialist Worker’s Party (Nazis) were fighting the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.  They take up almost the exact same space on the far left – that’s why they fought each other in their respective countries, and part (but not even close to all) of why they fought each other as nations.

It’s also the state motto of Wisconsin, so unless Kristol et. al. are willing to concede that Republican Gov. Scott Walker and the state’s 6 million residents are abiding the communist/fascist threat, the attack on Obama falls a bit flat.

Yeah, except the state chose it’s motto in 1851.  Marx had written his book 3 years prior, and it wasn’t quite making its way into Wisconsin academia yet.  If they had changed the state motto in, say… 1951, maybe then it could be suspect.  Of course, the folks who chose that state motto probably didn’t brag about hanging out with communists in college, didn’t hang out with communists throughout their entire lives, weren’t raised by communists, their parents probably weren’t revolutionary communists, and they probably didn’t start their campaigns in the living rooms of communist terrorists, either.

Some on the left tried to make a similarly anachronistic claim about then-presidential candidate John McCain’s slogan in 2008, “Country First,” noting that it was similar to slogans used by American fascists in the 1930s, especially aviator Charles Lindbergh’s America First Committee. But that claim was as hollow and reaching as the charges against Obama’s current slogan are.

In the modern discussion, there’s the “blame America first” group on the left, that does, in fact, blame America for all the world’s problems.  McCain’s group might like America First or Country First because it sounds good.  Thing is, was McCain raised by American fascists and their sympathizers?  Did he brag about hanging out with them in college?  Did he put them in his senate staff?  See, that’s the big difference.  There’s info that supports the right’s claim, there’s no info that supports the left’s.  Not a surprise.

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