A Facebook Conversation Concerning Obamacare

Posted: May 23, 2012 by JBH in "Civility", Conservatism, Obamacare, Redistribution, Social Justice
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A few weeks ago and after much deliberation with myself concerning the following I have decided to let our readers in on a little conversation I had with a coworker on Facebook concerning Obamacare. I will also be providing some commentary (in bold italics) for the following comments in true Patriot Perspective style. In order to properly frame the following argument I will attempt to recreate  the conversation with some heavy editing because some of the conversation is slang or “shorthand” with little or no punctuation involved with I will correct as best I can. 

To begin I saw the following picture:

I couldn’t help myself so I made the following comment.


Healthcare isn’t a right gents….


 Well we as Americans feed the beast that is health care, so now we should just let it eat the poor? And your already providing healthcare for probably half the country in uninsured ER visits and Medicaid! I came from a blue-collar family and my parents always had a job with health insurance I was lucky, sounds like you must have come from a similar situation. Talk to someone who had to go hungry because they got sick and if you can look them in the eyes and tell them healthcare is for well off people your wired different then me (my emphasis).

 Notice the attempt to cause me to feel guilt? Also notice that this individual is propping themself up as a, “better than thou,” because my opinion is not his own.


I never said it’s for well off people. If someone wants the security of insurance they either need to find a better job that supplies it, or make some changes in their lifestyle such as getting rid of bills and stuff they don’t need and maybe buy some health insurance instead. It shouldnt be on me (and other hardworking folks) to provide someone else health care because they can’t or won’t work. I know it happens now, but when they take 50 or 60% of your paycheck how the hell are you supposed to live? And after they (the government) take money from all of us and give it folks who need it how long before there is no one else to produce the money so everyone who isn’t working gets their healthcare?


You are already paying for the people who don’t work. Wal-Mart has a human resource department to teach employees how to file for government assistance. These are working Americans, not lazy asses sitting around watching Jerry Springer, and a better job where at? Up and ups (I think he means people with money) and Halliburton can only hire so many people. Go to Bonham, Texas and look around go to Detroit and see how corporate America has left these people high and dry!

Another attempt to get me to “see” how he is right and I am wrong. Also the following picture is from Detroit, home of some of the most liberal (in a bad way) politicians in these United States.


Now I am paying for folks that don’t work. I also know that I don’t want to pay anymore. Where is the origin of debt? (Borrowed that from Andrew Wilkow, thanks Andrew!) Who decides that I owe somebody something? You? The government? If I came to your house every day and took half of the food out of your pantry for your kids to eat you wouldn’t be upset? What does Halliburton have to do with anything? Also Detroit has been run by liberals since the 1940’s that’s why it’s jacked up from entitlement programs. Because folks there sure don’t want to do anything to better their live. Why would they? They can just go get a handout. You tell me where the origin of debt is to pay for someone else’s healthcare, whether they work or not…. You show me the Constitutional authority for the government to order me to pay for anything that someone else can buy on their own.

I consider the above comments by myself to be rock solid. I provided this coworker the opportunity to completely shut my argument down here is the much-anticipated response.


That’s fine I got my house in order. If you can look in the mirror and shave knowing your just as greedy as the rest more power to you but I can’t (my emphasis).

Really? Did I ask about your house being order? I asked where the constitutional authority was for Obamacare. Once again notice the attempt at guilt and to position themself as better, more compassionate than myself. My response is as follows.


I’m not being greedy, I just want what I work for, and why not? It belongs to me doesn’t it? And you didn’t answer my question. Where is the origin of debt and where is the Constitutional Authority? If you can’t answer lets not resort to name calling or calling me greedy. After all, how can I be greedy if I just want more of the money I work for?

Pretty solid response to an illogical argument I think. But wait! There’s more.


And the people need help. Most of them work and pay taxes just like you … the working poor!

At this point I then decided to throw a link in with the cold, hard fact that close to 50% of people in the United States do not pay taxes.


‎50% of the population doesn’t pay in to the IRS, check this: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2105131/HALF-Americans-dont-pay-income-tax-despite-crippling-government-debt.html


 Poor key word. 100 percent of blind people don’t see well dude, come on!

I must admit the above comment confuses me still nearly two weeks later. I am not sure what my coworker means or which “key word” this individual is referring to.


Ok, not sure what you are saying to me there. It is fact 50+ percent (of people) do not pay taxes in this country, I think you need to reformulate your argument…. The point I am trying to make is most of those folks at Wal-Mart probably don’t pay into the IRS.

From here the conversation begins to end and seems to devolve especially on my coworkers side.


I don’t have time to argue this because I am going to work. The money I make today, I will pay taxes on don’t worry, I don’t need a tissue. I don’t mind paying taxes. I support a household of 5 with my income so 4 of the lazy no good tax dodgers in my house don’t have too (my emphasis)! Go back and look at your numbers, 50 percent! My spouse stays at home , they part of 50 percent along with my 7, 4, and 1-year-old kids. No it’s true they are the 50 percent!

Now the individual insult his own family members calling them tax dodgers? Three of them are children and a stay at home wife. Even saying they are part of that 50% isn’t correct. No they may not pay taxes, its true, however, they do have healthcare coverage courtesy of this individuals hard work. Also this person says that they don’t have a problem with paying taxes. Guess what fellow coworker, I don’t mind either, I just want to ensure that my money is used by the government Constitutionally and not to pay for a service that people should pay for themselves. This was pretty much the end of the conversation, I closed it out with the following statement, mainly because of the liberal tendency to hate people whose opinions to resemble their own.


 Look its nothing personal, and it is ok that you don’t agree with me. I am not mad at you or anyone else, I simply am proving my point of view and nothing else.

The above statement is the truth. I don’t have any issue with anyone that I get into discussions with. All I ask is that they prove to me that I am wrong. All this person above did was manufacture an epic fail in the logic department.

  1. LOL thanks for sharing your attempt to reason with this person. Been there, done that on FB. I’m always surprised at how quickly the emotions run high and tempers flare. I’m like, hey, you are my FB friend b/c you know me, you like me. I’m a nice gal to hang out with, remember? I’m not trying to upset you.

    Unfortunately, merely voicing your conservative opinion is enough to outrage certain folks. Sometimes, I have a laugh thinking of people who thought they “knew” me, but we never talked politics, and then we change duty stations and I find them on Facebook and then they see all my political links and stuff.

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