Brett Kimberlin and Free Speech

Posted: May 25, 2012 by ShortTimer in Crime, Journalism, Leftists, Progressives and Left, terrorism

Long story short, Brett Kimberlin is a terrorist.  Patterico/Liberty Chick has the story here.  Kimberlin set bombs in the 1970s to distract from a criminal case child molestation case that was going after him.

[Kimberlin] spent nearly 17 years in prison after being convicted of launching a week-long bombing spree that terrorized the residents of Speedway, Indiana in the late 1970′s. One of the blasts horribly maimed a man [a Vietnam vet] so badly that it directly led to that man’s suicide a few years later, which was proven when the widow of that bombing victim successfully sued and won a civil judgment against Kimberlin for $1.6 million.


He’s a hardcore leftist.  And he doesn’t like criticism.  He’s taken it to a new level now, an Alinsky-type tactic called “SWATting”, where anonymous calls through skype are made to local police departments listing heinous crimes at the homes of bloggers, writers, and others who criticize him and his stories.  It uses law enforcement doing their duty against writers doing theirs.

Patterico’s story on it hereMichelle Malkin’s story on it hereJawa Report’s story on it here.


In the last radio interview Andrew Breitbart ever gave, on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show, Breitbart talked about a new ruthless tactic used by thugs against political opponents:

[O]ne of the things they’ve done to people who have worked with me in the past, including an L.A. prosecutor, is to “SWAT.” That means that they’re spoofing phones, pretending to be somebody else’s phone, calling 911, and saying “I killed somebody” and then the person’s home is met with the guns drawn, the SWAT and the helicopters, in a horrifying act. It’s happened twice: once in New Jersey, once in Los Angeles, with an L.A. County . . . prosecutor who [is] associated with me.”

I am that L.A. County prosecutor. And in this post, you’ll hear the hoax call that sent police to my house, pointing loaded guns at me.

And the Tides Foundation funds this terrorist.

From Jawa Report:

No, this isn’t a blog war, this is about protecting our 1st Amendment rights. Both Right and Left[Update, linked for naysayers in comments]

[Patterico]One more point that I have made before and will make again: this is not about partisan politics. Kimberlin thuggishly went after a left-leaning attorney who represented Aaron pro bono. He went after the lefty author of the book Citizen K.

He is a lefty terrorist, but he’ll go after anyone that strikes his fancy.

The Blaze has more backstory on this dirtbag, including a bit of what sent him down his road of terrorism and crime.

The Indy Star reported that on July 29, 1978, Speedway resident Julia Scyphers, 65, answered a knock at her door only to find a strange man who claimed he was interested in purchasing items she had recently tried to sell at a yard sale. Scyphers let the man into her garage to show him the items and he “shot her in the head.” Her husband came out in time to see the perpetrator’s car and catch a glimpse of the man himself.

When police began looking for a motive in the Scyphers slaying, they found there’d been a recent family clash. Julia Scyphers’ daughter, Sandra Barton, had become involved with a man who seemed to Mrs. Scyphers to be inordinately close to one of Barton’s young daughters. Mrs. Scyphers told friends she was so concerned that she’d arranged for both of her granddaughters to come live with her. Whether or not Mrs. Scyphers’ fears were correct (no charges were ever filed to that effect), this incident led investigators to start looking at Brett C. Kimberlin.

Through pieces of information gathered from news reports, police records and descriptions from Singer’s book, it is suspected that Kimberlin had engaged in an inappropriate relationship with Sandra Barton’s daughter, Jessica, who was only 10-years-old when Kimberlin met her (he knew her for a number of years). Her grandmother, Julia Scyphers, had attempted to thwart the relationship in any way she could, even by allegedly sending a handyman to change the locks on her daughter’s front door. When Kimberlin discovered Scyphers’ interference, he complained to the building management that he was being “harassed” (a meme that would later become all-too familiar to Kimberlin). While evidence has ruled out that Kimberlin himself pulled the trigger, it is believed by some that an associate committed the murder at Kimberlin’s behest.

As the heat against Kimberlin began to mount in the Scyphers slaying, he arranged a series of bombings that would take police attention away from the case at hand. Ironically, Singer’s book also describes how Kimberlin, after being apprehended for the Speedway bombings, plotted for another person to plant identical bombs around town in order to give the appearance that the suspect was still at large.

That’s right – child molester and terrorist, funded by the Tides Foundation, out to shut down anyone who disagrees with him.  He’s used as a tool by the left to silence targets, though he occasionally snaps at them, too.

Violence and intimidation works great to crush the free speech of a few… but not the many.

(This is yet another one of those things that’s much more important to write about than nationality law.)

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