Night of the Living Dead Voters

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That’s every election day in Chicago, but interestingly also the case in Florida.  Florida’s Secretary of State has been working to get the dead voters (and illegal aliens and criminals ineligible to vote) off the voter rolls:

FORT LAUDERDALE (CBSMiami) – Can you be in the grave, but still have a pulse to vote? The answer is yes, in South Florida.

Using a new data base, the Florida Department of State found nearly 52,000 dead people still listed as active voters. So far, Broward has pulled out 4,482 names of dead voters from the rolls; Miami-Dade has dropped 4,860 dead voters from the rolls, according to Chris Cate, the Communications director at the Florida Department of State.

Seems like a reasonable thing to do to prevent voter fraud, right?  Take the dead off the rolls so no one can claim their vote.


A simple way to help prevent voter fraud and election abuse is for states to purge voter rolls. What does this mean? Getting rid of names on voter rolls of people ineligible to vote such as illegal aliens, dead people, duplicates, etc. For nearly a year, Florida election officials have asked the Department of Homeland Security for access to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement database in order to take illegal aliens and non-citizens off Florida voter rolls. Not surprisingly, DHS has been dragging its feet and has yet to comply with the request and now, the Department of Justice is stepping into the purging process and ordering Florida, a vital swing state, to stop.

The Justice Department sent a letter to Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner Thursday evening demanding the state cease purging its voting rolls because the process it is using has not been cleared under the Voting Rights Act, TPM has learned.

Yeah, the DOJ, which never prosecuted anyone for the Black Panthers hanging out at a polling place in 2008, is now pushing to make sure the dead can still vote.  From Katie Pavlich at Townhall:

But who is really behind the letter? Mean radical DOJ attorney Elise Shore. Christian Adams has more:

What do we know about Elise Shore from the installment about the Voting Section?

    Elise Shore. Ms. Shore came to the Voting Section by way of the “Southern Coalition for Social Justice,” where she worked as a legal consultant focusing on “voting rights, immigrant rights, and other civil rights and social justice issues.” The far left-wing positions of this group are nicely summarized on its website. Ms. Shore also made a $1,000 contribution to Barack Obama’s presidential campaign.

    Before joining the Southern Coalition for Social Justice, she worked for more than two years as a Regional Counsel for MALDEF [Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund]. There, she was an outspoken critic of Georgia’s voter ID law and well as its proof of citizenship requirements for voter registration (which, incidentally, have been found to be non-discriminatory by a federal court) and described how heartened she was that the Civil Rights Division had objected to the registration law under Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act.

Of course, not letting the dead or illegal aliens vote is so totally racist and stupid and racist or something.  From some imbecile leftist at The Ledger of FL:

Research has shown time and time again that there is no widespread voter fraud in Florida or the nation. Not enough people care to vote, let alone let alone getting caught committing a felony, in order to cast a vote.

Throughout our history, there have been efforts to keep citizens from exercising their right to vote, whether it was property ownership, poll taxes, the ability to interpret Bible passages, or out-and-out intimidation.

We know these were blatant efforts to keep poor people, African-Americans, Native Americans, women and now Hispanic people from voting.

Florida is at it again, as if we don’t already have an abysmal record of keeping citizens from voting, Florida has begun purging voter records of the dead and illegal registrants. Certainly voter records should be up-to-date and accurate, but dead people can’t vote and illegal people are afraid to. They are more concerned with being deported and the less contact they have with government the less likely they are to be.

That’s a whole lot of ideological idiocy in one short section there, and plenty of grasping at straws… or straw men.  Dead people and illegal aliens vote all the time.  If their names are on the rolls, their vote can be cast.  Voter ID laws are constantly attacked by leftist Democrats as being “disenfranchising”, which is code for “we break the law all the time so don’t enforce it or we’ll throw a fit and then lose”.  The dead person won’t show up, but someone else will vote in their place.  The illegal alien, promised handouts, will show up – and the Democrat party’s constant attack on voter ID laws will mean that they won’t be deported even when they’re in the process of negating a citizen’s sovereign franchise to vote.

More here on dead voters and the Florida purge from Gateway Pundit.


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