On Writing

Posted: June 14, 2012 by ShortTimer in Media

Via HotAir’s headlines, this silly piece from Forbes:

So, you want to be a writer. You were always good at it, or you never tried it but want to give it a go, or your friend makes money doing it and maybe you could, too.

Really, though, you shouldn’t be a writer. Here’s why.

TIP #1: You’re not good at it.

TIP #2: It’s too hard.

TIP #3: It’s too hard to monetize.

…you didn’t have “it.” And you didn’t work hard enough to become it. And you will see you should have picked something else: something easier, something less complicated, something other than a writer.

The writer who made that list is an idiot.

Some weird British chick writing smutty fanfiction about a stupid book series on sparkling vampires now has a series of books out… again, based on fanfiction of already crappy work.  I could point out the commercial successes of wildly derivative fiction in the last few years, or the utter crappiness of many mass-produced books, but who cares?

This list could easily be titled “Why You Shouldn’t Work Out”, or “Why You Shouldn’t Learn To Defend Yourself”, or “Why You Shouldn’t Learn Math”.

The only way this works is if it’s a parody of naysayers.  But it looks like it’s not.

Voltaire would have something to say about this writer – a critic:

– who gains his livelihood by saying evil of all plays and of all books. He hates whatever succeeds, as the eunuchs hate those who enjoy; he is one of the serpents of literature who nourish themselves on dirt and spite –


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