Heckling and Presidents

Posted: June 15, 2012 by ShortTimer in "Civility", Barack Obama, Media

Some idiot on MSNBC had this to say about Obama being called out for his amnesty speech today:

“…Democratic strategist Julian Epstein said on the channel this afternoon.

“I think it’s a vert important question because I think this is the first African-American president. We’ve never had a white president been told by the opposing party to shut up in the middle of a major address to the Congress. We’ve never had a president like this heckled so disrespectfully. We’ve never had this otherness afforded to any other president and I think the right wing has some explaining to do because to me it’s patently obvious,” he said.

Really, Epstein?

Really?  Here, LMGTFY!

And you can find Clinton heckled and H.W. Bush heckled, and Reagan heckled, and Carter, and keep on going back.  This isn’t new.  Obama’s mandates are (though they mimic Wilson and Roosevelt’s.)

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