Obamnesty – “This Is The Right Thing To Do For The American People” How?

Posted: June 15, 2012 by ShortTimer in Amnesty, Barack Obama, Illegal Immigration, Media

Perhaps more interesting than the White House press group (they don’t rate the word corps) actually asking Obama why he favors foreigners – illegal alien criminals – over US citizens, was his answer:

“This is the right thing to do for the American people.”

That’s absurd.  This doesn’t help the American people, it helps illegal aliens.  It reinforces the idea that illegal aliens should get preferential treatment over US citizens at colleges – many of which already give in-state tuition for illegals, while not giving in-state tuition to citizens or legal residents.

“It is the right thing to do for the American people – and here’s why… here’s the reason… because these young people are going to make extraordinary contributions and are already making contributions to our society.  I’ve got a young person who is serving in our military, protecting us and our freedom.  The notion that in some ways we would treat them as expendible makes no sense.  If there’s a young person here who has grown up here and wants to contribute to this society… wants to maybe start a business… that will create jobs… for… other folks who are looking for work… that’s the right thing to do.  Giving certainty to our farmers and our ranchers.  Making sure that in addition to border security, we’re creating a comprehensive framework for legal immigration.  These are all the right things to do.  We have always drawn strength from being a nation of immigrants as well as a nation of laws.  And that’s going to continue.  And my hope is that congress recognizes that and gets behind this effort.”

Those “young people” came here illegally.  They broke the law when they were brought here.  Just because your father stole a car to give to you, doesn’t mean you can keep the car.

An illegal alien serving in the military is still an illegal alien.  Citizenship or lawful status is required.  You have to prove it before you enlist.  There are all kinds of resources that detail this.  Anyone serving in the US who isn’t a lawful resident or citizen (or under some specific program) is already breaking the law, and may have even fraudulently enlisted.

Obama’s leftist worldview shines through when he says “we would treat them as expendible”.  That’s a class warfare big US exploiting little illegal aliens mindset.  We don’t let them join.  If they’ve got a fake SSN and fake birth certificate and sign up anyway, they’ve broken the law again.  If they genuinely didn’t know that their parents took them here illegally, there can be individual waivers for individual cases.  This new policy is not that.

A “young person” illegal alien who grew up here was dragged here by their parents who committed a crime.  They come here for their own betterment, not to better the US.  They don’t care.  Many are told that El Norte owes them something – hell, Hugo Chavez gave Obama a book that probably convinced him that the illegals are right.  They aren’t here to contribute.  They’re here to take jobs at a more competitive wage than US workers will do them for.  They don’t create businesses, they…

They eliminate higher-paying dirty jobs by working for lower wages.  They depress wages by being a labor force that will work in substandard conditions and for low pay under the table.  The solution is deport them and hold exploitative employers accountable for hiring illegal workers.  Affluent illegals are not that much different, except that they’re displacing employers and workers who are already in the country at a different level.

“Giving certainty to our farmers and ranchers” is a load of crap.  It’s telling exploitative farmers and ranchers who will hire under the table that they can keep doing so.  It’s telling meat packing plants that they can keep their wages low and hire illegals, keep their conditions crappy, and generally ignore US laws in many ways with an illegal workforce.  It’s telling them “you won’t have to worry about hiring American workers for more pay, we’ll make sure you get your cheap labor”.  It hurts US workers, who then can’t get a job at a living wage (a typical union complaint that here holds merit) because they actually are being massively undercut.  The illegal alien worker paid under the table also doesn’t cost the employer any additional taxes or contributions to retirement programs – since he’s working illegally and hired illegally.  The illegal alien has the economic benefit of being able to circumvent laws that make his labor more expensive, plus he’ll do more work for cheaper, and his injuries are just hushed up.

This perpetuates the actual exploitation of illegal aliens.  Of course, that also means that illegal alien enablers can then blame the employers exclusively, rather than the government that isn’t enforcing the laws that would keep them from being exploited – by making them come through legally or not at all.  Rather, it gives leftist class warfare specialists like Obama the chance to create a crisis and ride to the rescue of the illegals.

To his last, idiotic point, we do have a framework for legal immigration.  We have all kinds of immigrant and non-immigrant visas, we have a myriad of routes into the country legally.  But illegal alien supporters are simply wanting to completely break the law and circumvent it further, declaring that “the system is broken” when they refuse to even USE the system.

And of course, then Obama blames congress, and calls them out to make his executive order amnesty into congressionally approved amnesty.

Then again, considering he’s still accused of being an illegal alien, and his family’s full of illegal aliens committing crimes and stealing from the US citizen taxpayer, it’s not a surprise.

We aren’t a nation of laws when the executive branch suddenly chooses not to enforce them.  Then we’re a nation of men.  Whoever rules the executive branch can declare anything legal by just ignoring it, and can threaten anyone they wish as they choose to selectively enforce those laws.  We are becoming a nation of political pull, not a nation of laws.

HotAir has a long piece on this that goes on about some of the background here.

Over at Breitbart, the title of this piece almost says it all: Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs.

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