Appeasement, Regulations to Crush Competitors, and Gun Control

Posted: August 2, 2012 by ShortTimer in Economic freedom, Government, Guns, Regulation

Tactical Firearms owner Jeremy Alcede, of Katy, Texas, just did this interview on a local radio show in support of the “Stop Online Ammunition Sales Act”.  He proposes appeasment… for a reason.

Host Matt Patrick: I also love what you were saying about the Stop Online Ammuntion Sales Act which is being presented by the democrats now.  You say, look if this is going to make them happy, then let’s give them this, let’s let them have this, and go away and leave us alone, right?

Tactical Firearms Owner Jeremy Alcede: Right.  I mean, they’re never going to stop.  This is just an ongoing thing that, y’know, I don’t agree with anything – y’know, you give an inch, they’ll take a mile.  Y’know if this is going to shut them up, then give it to them.  The only good thing that can come out of this is y’know, it’s gonna not allow all these big online companies to purchase ammo from the manufacturers so the manufacturers are going to be overloaded with ammo so guess what that means?  They’re going be calling me and saying “look, I’m going to give you an extra dollar fifty off a box of ammo please buy it, please buy it, so it might actually lower the cost for you the consumer.  I know if I get it lower, I’m going to sell it lower to you.

Ah, so you’re going to put other businesses out of business so you can swing in and “save” the customer?  Except the customer was already saving money by buying from the online company.  So what’s the benefit to me, the consumer?  There isn’t.  Alcede makes money by being the only game in town.  He wants to use the government to shut down his competition.

An NC Gun Blog has a good post on this as a “consumer alert”, and quotes Tam from “View from the Porch” as follows:

Dear Jeremy Alcede of Tactical Firearms, Katy, TX: I hope you freeze in the dark, you gutless quisling punk.

When your children are crying “Daddy, why are we on food stamps?” you can tell them “It’s because your Daddy was a selfish, pusillanimous sellout who put his personal bottom line ahead of the Bill of Rights, kids, and so nobody would buy anything from his store ever again.

If you want to let them know about the business they’re going to lose, here’s their contact page.

Personally, I bought about $400 worth of gear from them a few months back.  I’d even recommended them to some people, since they often had gear and ammo in stock.  The way I found out about them was through ONLINE SALES.  This greedy conniving scumbag Vichy snot went out and proposed to cut me off from the purchases I made from him.  I’ve already contacted him and let him know about the business he’s going to lose because of it.

And now, on the front of their page, there’s a Jim Zumbo type apology:

First, I want to get it out there that I DO NOT support an ammo sales ban. I am never comfortable with any idea that puts “firearms” or any “firearms related item” and “ban” in the same sentence. I am not a traitor to the 2nd Amendment. I believe all law abiding citizens should be able to possess as many firearms as they want. Fear is used as a tactic regularly and after the most recent scare with the UN Treaty, I must admit that I felt threatened. Threatened that they would sign something into law that banned firearms and this ammo deal seemed like an easy compromise. Here, have the ammo deal but keep your eyes off of my guns.

My opinion on the online sales ban was clearly made out of being uneducated in the way that laws are passed. I honestly did not see an issue with banning online sales of ammo. I have never purchased ammo online, even before I opened this store 2 years ago, so I really didn’t think stopping online sales would be a big deal. I said “if you give them an inch, they will take a mile” and I truly did not believe that this was giving them anything.

His statement was that he’d get the business of those companies he supports the government destroying.  He knows damn well what he said, and every word after that is just this:

  1. Sean D Sorrentino says:

    Thanks for the link.

    I don’t think his apology is going to work either.

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