Mexico’s Own Battles of Athens

Posted: August 7, 2012 by ShortTimer in Crime, Government, Guns, Liberty, Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness

The first one, anyway, or pretty darn close, (via Sipsey Street Irregulars) from MSNBC News:

On the morning of April 15, 2011, using rocks and fireworks, a group of women attacked a busload of AK-47-armed illegal loggers as they drove through Cherán, residents said. The loggers, who local residents say are protected by one of Mexico’s most powerful criminal organizations and given a virtual free pass by the country’s authorities, had terrorized the community at will for years.

Cherán’s residents said they had been subjected to multiple episodes of rape, kidnapping, extortion and murder by the paramilitary loggers, who have devastated an estimated 70 percent of the surrounding oak forests that sustained the town’s economy and indigenous culture for centuries.

What happened next was extraordinary, especially in a country where the rule of law is often absent and isolated communities are frequently forced to accept the status quo. Organized criminal syndicates, like the drug cartel La Familia, created in Michoacán, act like a state within a state, making their own rules and meting out grisly punishments to those who do not obey.

But here in Cherán, a group of townspeople took loggers hostage, expelled the town’s entire police force and representatives of established political parties, and forcibly closed the roads.

The Mexican government authorities had previously ignored their repeated pleas for help, the residents said, so the people of Cherán simply took the law into their own hands.

Via NYT.

In the months since then, Cherán’s townspeople have established a simple but effective internal protection system. There are fewer bonfires today, but several remain active and a security patrol of residents, or “ronda,” keeps watch at all times. Armed townspeople — from middle-age men to teenage girls — guard the barricades blocking all entrances into town. Their weapons are AR15 assault rifles, seized from the police when they expelled them.

Inside the town, they say, crime is now down almost to zero and most residents seem to feel safe.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Battle of Athens, a criminal gang ran the government, the people’s pleas to the national government were ignored, and the people restored the rule of law:

  1. This is a great story of yet another warning for us here in America to step it up and take action since we have a despot government here, from the local to the federal level. It’s time to clean house, forcefully. BTW, an AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle, it’s a semi-auto rifle.

    • ShortTimer says:

      Worth noting again that Mexico as a failed state and Athens as a failed city; compared to the broader, modern US are different places.

      It’s certainly time to clean house stateside, but with political force, economic force, and force of will.

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