An Election Without Veterans and a Note on Civic Virtue

Posted: August 12, 2012 by ShortTimer in 2012 Campaign, Philosophy, Veterans

HotAir has this piece today noting that there are no veterans running on the two major tickets this year.  Neither Obama nor Biden served in the military, nor Romney or Ryan.  There’s also a linked piece at the end stating that we’re not really losing anything by losing those who haven’t served.

Folks who don’t understand the connection between citizenship, duty, and civic virtue would be well advised to read this.

Or at least heed this quote (disputed as to the original source, but from the US military sometime in the past):

For those that will fight for it freedom has a flavor the protected shall never know.

Those who are willing to sign their name on the line and commit to actual service, wherein their signature means “up to and including my life in service of my country” is quite significant.  This is why Nancy Pelosi’s comments about how she’s “served” in congress and that it’s every bit as important/dangerous/significant as the military were so offensive.  There are two very different things between putting your life on the line for your homeland and going to work each day at the taxpayer’s expense to “serve” them.

There are many treatises on the virtues of duty and no small part of that is that the individual is voluntarily contributing his or her all to the survival of the whole.  It’s a noble choice to make, and one that demonstrates character.  It demonstrates one’s genuine commitment when they not only take the oath, but live the oath for a period of years.

Without it, we’re left with politicians.


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