Biden and the 20th Century

Posted: August 15, 2012 by ShortTimer in Economics, Politics

Via Drudge and the Weekly Standard:

This is actually somewhat more poignant than just a slip-up.  GM is stuck in the last century, stuck on Keynesian “help”, and stuck in union contracts they can’t renegotiate, stuck in bed with the Democrat party, stuck all around.  The good cars they make, like the Cruze, Camaro, and Corvette are being pushed against by government in the form of taxes on manufacture and official government favoritism towards other cars.  The bad cars they make, like the explosive Volt, are ideas stuck firmly in the past, designed because of the fervent belief in the Church of Manbearpig – the last-century mysticism of global warming (which was global cooling in the 1970s).

They’re putting out more power in high-end cars, and more mileage in economy cars, but they’re stuck trying to remake the Sunraycer.

Ah, the future, circa 1987.  And a car that looks like hippy tears.


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