The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To

Posted: September 5, 2012 by ShortTimer in Barack Obama, Democrats, Government, Leftists, Political Alignment, Progressives and Left

This isn’t quite as sinister as it could be, but it is indicative of a sinister mindset.

For example, back when Obama gave the infamous “you didn’t build that” speech, it was rightly interpreted as an attack on the individual.  To Obama and his supporters, they think they’re saying that individuals don’t create things alone.  They think they’re reciting Milton Friedman’s Lesson of the Pencil.  Instead, they’re denigrating the individual and elevating the collective.  Friedman’s lesson of the pencil is how collective action by individuals contributes to a wonderful free market where people work together and get along, sometimes even in spite of themselves – and all to their mutual benefit.  Obama’s lesson of “you didn’t build that” is how unilateral action by the collective creates a wonderful collective where people are made to get along, because the State and the Collective will it.

This newest Democrat ad statement, that we all belong to the government, is much the same.  What they think they’re wanting to say is that you, the individual, contribute to collective action.

In effect, that you, as the individual, contribute to government.

But what they’ve said is just as transparent as “you didn’t build that”.  They are collectivists.  Unilateral action by the collectivist state creates a world where all people are subservient to the will of the State and the Collective.

To draw another parallel, it’s how the left misunderstands the purpose of the military.  The left views the military as a controlled group of people to engage in social experiments on, they view the Moral Equivalent of War as an opportunity to mobilize people into action, to control “the masses”.  How the free individual sees the purpose of the military is that it’s a voluntary association, formed of individuals who want to and choose to contribute to their friends, families, to the multitude of individuals who are their fellow citizens.  They know that the means to that end are voluntary, and draconian, but that there’s an oath to a piece of paper, an ideal that enshrines individual liberty as the highest effort of the whole.  The individual is the government.

Not the other way around.

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