EPA’s Human Testing in North Carolina

Posted: October 11, 2012 by ShortTimer in Eco-Daleks, Environmentalism, Regulation, Science

H/T Quinn & Rose, via NBC 17 Chapel Hill:


A Virginia-based public policy foundation claims that the EPA knowingly piped diesel exhaust into the lungs of dozens of people at UNC-Chapel Hill.

The American Tradition Institute Environmental Law Center is suing the Environmental Protection Agency for on-going experiments at the EPA’s Human Studies facility at UNC-Chapel Hill. The lawsuit alleges an EPA trial took diesel exhaust and piped it into the lungs of 41 people to see what would happen.

The institute says the EPA has exposed unhealthy patients to high levels of PM2.5, a toxic substance found in diesel exhaust, in experiments that began roughly six years ago.

PM 2.5 is “Particulate matter, 2.5 microns”.  It’s what Lisa Jackson Lee, head of Obama’s EPA, declared harmful to humans and the province of the EPA to regulate, in order to amass more power and destroy more US industries through regulation.  Note the story says that the suit goes all the way back to 2006, so who knows how long the EPA has been doing this kind of stuff.

From NBC 17’s site (in case it goes away):

EPA Human Testing has all kinds of backstory on it.

There are some tin foil red flags in the video, but there’s clearly something odd going on there.

With the Benghazi lies and Fast and Furious (and even Wide Receiver), it’s not much to put something like this past the EPA.


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