Gunwalker Update: Leftist Spin and the Shut Up Argument – Sally Kohn says “NO ONE GIVES A SH*T ABOUT FAST & FURIOUS”

Posted: October 16, 2012 by ShortTimer in Andrew Klavan, Government, Guns, Leftists, Liberal Fascists, Media, Operation Gunwalker
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Sally Kohn, an leftist activist/community organizer, “think” tank organizer, and media figure (sort of, as an unpaid sometimes contributor on FOX), had this wonderful tweet to share with the world, as tonight’s presidential debate included mention of Fast and Furious:

200+ dead people, including a massacre of teenagers in Mexico, two dead US federal agents, a coverup by the Obama administration that can’t be denied, including use of executive priviledge, Oversight and Reform still investigating criminal conspiracy by the adminstration, and the left resorts to their old argument of “SHUT UP!”

Update: Apparently Michelle Malkin’s Twitchy caught an exchange about this, in their post “Fox News Contributor Sally Kohn: No one gives a s*** about Fast & Furious“.

  1. […] That’s a slight improvement over just throwing it out and saying “phony scandal” and “nobody gives a shit“. […]

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