Va. Congressman (D) to Vet: “Unqualified to Serve”

Posted: November 1, 2012 by JBH in 2012 Campaign
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From Las Vegas TSG Business News:

Democrat Gerry Connolly from Virginia has told constituents that his challenger for his congressional seat, Colonel Chris Perkins, is “unqualified” to hold congressional office. His reason? Connolly believes that Colonel Perkins hasn’t been around enough to “…demonstrate, sweat-equity….”


Some of Connolly’s remarks concerning Colonel Perkins “availability”:

“In an October 22nd Washington Post interview, Connolly “dismisses Perkins as unqualified” (my emphasis) for Congress, despite Colonel Perkins’ many leadership assignments that included command of a Special Forces Battalion of over six-hundred men, and numerous combat deployments.”

“While speaking to a local Chamber of Commerce a few weeks earlier, Connolly asked the audience, “Where has my opponent been” (my emphasis) while Connolly served in local government for 16 years.”

“Days later at a neighborhood civic association, Congressman Connolly subsequently pressed his line of attack dismissing Colonel Perkins’ extensive military experience saying, “I expect a [Congressional] candidate to have demonstrated some sweat-equity” (my emphasis) on local issues, ignoring the 24 years Colonel Perkins served as an Army Green Beret.”

So all those years of Colonel Perkins’ service to his country are moot? Just because he was off giving service (federal service at that) to his country? Really? That’s the best you can do to keep your seat? What about your record? Can’t run on that? Sounds like a presidential candidate I know.

Colonel Perkins’ response to this issue?

… I am disappointed that Congressman Connolly believes that military men and women are ‘unqualified to serve in Congress’ of the country they gave their lives to protect and defend…. Connolly’s statements are outrageous and demonstrate an out-of-touch career politician that thinks that only those who climb the ladder of local politics can graduate to higher office…. By Congressman Connolly’s standard, many of our forefathers, including George Washington and Dwight Eisenhower, would have been ‘unqualified’ to hold office…. His statements are offensive to every service member, career first responder and their families who have sacrificed so much for the country we love…. Mr. Connolly asked where I was when he was building schools and laying sidewalks locally…. I’ll tell you where I’ve been. I was in Iraq hunting down SCUD missiles that were targeting Israel.  I was chasing down mass-murdering terrorists in Bosnia, Kosovo and Africa.  And, I was at Arlington National Cemetery seventeen times paying last respect to the brave men and women that I had the privilege and honor to serve with…. Our country’s Veterans and career first responders don’t just have sweat equity in their community, they have blood equity in America””

People of the 11th congressional district of Virginia it will be soon time to choose. Where will your vote go? To a career politician who thinks a veteran is unqualified to hold a congressional seat because he hasn’t invested enough “sweat-equity”, or to a retired special forces with “blood-equity” in the United States? Which was the greater “public service” (which the democrats are so fond of) sacrifice sweat or blood?

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