Jay Leno Slowly Finding Out That Old Soviet Jokes are the New American Reality

Posted: December 1, 2012 by ShortTimer in Barack Obama, Jay Leno, Media, US Foreign Policy

From HotAir:

“This week, CBS News became the first news organization besides Fox to ask President Obama ‘Who changed the Benghazi talking points?’” Leno teased.

“See, this is very dangerous to the White House if journalists should suddenly start asking real questions.”

That he made the joke speaks well of Leno, who’s willing to joke about everyone.  The disturbingly Soviet part is that the mainstream leftist media is so effective at suppressing the news that many of his audience don’t get the joke, or don’t know how to react to mockery, even gentle mockery, of dear leader in public.

Previously: Old Soviet Jokes are the New American Reality, about the People’s Cube story.


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