Michigan and Right To Work

Posted: December 13, 2012 by ShortTimer in "Civility", Corruption, Democrats, Economic freedom, Economics, Government, Jobs, Leftists, Michigan, Public Sector Unions, Unions

First off, congratulations to Michigan for allowing citizens to own their own labor and not be forced by law and coercion to join a union.

Congrats to Democrats and union supporters for acting like the moron goons we all know you are:

I’ve heard the point made in the last few days, though, that the thuggery is not just endemic to unions, but important to them.  When there are real threats put out there, people understand that they really mean it.  Though “it”, as always, is merely preserving their racket, while painting a picture of cackling mustachioed robber barons whipping child slave labor, and the idea that it was unions and not the free market that created the wholly subjective “living wage”.

It’s interesting to read the leftist point of view on this topic.  From HuffPo:

LANSING, Mich. — Over the chants of thousands of angry protesters, Republican lawmakers made Michigan a right-to-work state Tuesday, dealing a devastating and once-unthinkable defeat to organized labor in a place that has been a bastion of the movement for generations.

The GOP-dominated House ignored Democrats’ pleas to delay the final passage and instead approved two bills with the same ruthless efficiency that the Senate showed last week. One measure dealt with private-sector workers, the other with government employees. Republican Gov. Rick Snyder signed them both within hours, calling them “pro-worker and pro-Michigan.”

“This is about freedom, fairness and equality,” House Speaker Jase Bolger said during the floor debate. “These are basic American rights – rights that should unite us.”

After the vote, he said, Michigan’s future “has never been brighter, because workers are free.”

The state where the United Auto Workers was founded and labor has long been a political titan will join 23 others with right-to-work laws, which ban requirements that nonunion employees pay unions for negotiating contracts and other services.

Supporters say the laws give workers more choice and support economic growth, but critics insist the real intent is to weaken organized labor by encouraging workers to “freeload” by withholding money unions need to bargain effectively.

Protesters in the Capitol gallery chanted “Shame on you!” as the measures were adopted. Union backers clogged the hallways and grounds shouting “No justice, no peace.” And Democrats warned that hard feelings over the legislation and Republicans’ refusal to hold committee hearings or allow a statewide referendum would be long lasting.

Emphasis obviously added.  They wouldn’t just go out and say “Republicans bad, they hate workers, Democrats good, they love workers, and scabs are evil scum”.  Because, y’know, there’s nothing more democratic than getting forced by government to pay to an organization you don’t want to belong to, just for the priviledge of owning your own work.

But as always, unions aren’t about helping workers, they’re about pitting one group of workers against another group of workers.

Now, if you do happen to be a union guy, or a union girl (though they don’t like women or blacks or hispanics or chinese or ______  minority depending on the shop, and used unions to keep shops closed to non-white males, but I digress…), you’ll note that they said the problem is it will allow non-union workers to not have money stolen out of their pockets to pay for union negotiation.  Thing is, a company probably doesn’t have to hire somebody at the union rate if they aren’t a union member.  Also, union member dues don’t go to negotiation (except when they’re busy killing tire plants and bakeries) so much, and as visibly, as they go here.  Note that these are the top all-time donors, and unions are all boxed in blue.  Notice that their support goes overwhelmingly, if not absolutely, to Democrats:

union heavy hitters open secrets 1

union heavy hitters open secrets 2

Now if you go back and really look at the list, you’ll see that not only do unions make up over a third of the list there, they contribute almost exclusively to Democrats, and when you look at other “heavy hitters” that donate, they aren’t split anywhere near the way the unions are.  The most “even” distribution of union support is a split of 75% Dem, 17% Rep.

Of course Democrats will be mad about this.  If people don’t have to pay dues each month to support Democrats, they might have to turn to some of their other overwhelmingly powerful political action committees to get elected rather than just pick the pockets of voters while blaming Republicans for the failures the Democrats cause – The Curley Effect again.


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