Civility in the Wake of the Connecticut Massacre: Death Threats

Posted: December 17, 2012 by ShortTimer in "Civility", Guns, Leftists, Progressives and Left, Second Amendment

In times of tragedy, people seek to find a culprit for vile deeds.  In the Connecticut killings, there isn’t one beyond the killer, and he’s dead.  At best, you could attribute anger at tools, anger at the mental health system, anger at school policies that could’ve been better to folks who are frustrated and genuinely mean well and are angry at the loss of innocent lives.  But a lot of people are just goons, out pushing their message, and being the same kind of violent, hate-filled cretins that really prove there will always be a need to defend ourselves against lunatics.

Here’s a small selection of them, threatening murder and violence to members of the NRA:

tweetsnraI’ve gone over on several occasions now how the 2nd Amendment, and the NRA, the biggest pro-2A lobby there is, are really supporting all of our rights to be free from oppression and violence, whether that’s on the personal scale or at the national scale.  People like this are at best those who have no connection to gun culture in America, don’t understand, and lash out.  Or at worst, they actually believe what they’re saying, in which case – they totally prove the case for a robust 2nd Amendment, to defend not only from tyranny, but from lunatics like them

Katie Pavlich has another selection of lunatics quoted for posterity over at Townhall.

Charlie Spiering over at the Washington Examiner makes a practical point for beltway types about how threats to disarm citizens only spur on more gun culture:

As pundits, politicians, and anti-gun activists hype more gun-control measures, it usually has the opposite effect. American citizens react by stocking up on weapons and ammo.

It’s a common American reaction. When Twinkies threaten to vanish forever, Americans rushed to stock up on the largely insignificant sponge cake. In the light of a perceived government incandescent light-bulb ban, Americans began stockpiling boxes of treasured 60 watt bulbs.

Since 1994 gun owners have reacted the same way. After all, once the government successfully starts banning the sale of certain weapons and ammunition clips, it doesn’t take much to convince a gun enthusiast that it will happen again.

Gun control activists note with horror that gun sales go up each time there is a high-profile mass shooting. High-volume ammo clips and cases of ammo sell faster than any item in the stores.

After the shooting in Connecticut, pundits, politicians, and anti-gun activists believe they finally have the “political capital” to promote gun control legislation. But if you look at recent history, campaigns for gun control only feed the so-called “gun culture” that the anti-gun activists fear.

There’s a saying “you’re not paranoid if they really are out to get you.”  It’s self-fulfilling for the left.  Leave guns alone, and American citizens are by and large peaceable, peaceful people.  Crime is the exception, not the rule (an armed populace keeps this in check as well) and madmen are the exception, not the rule.  There are something like 300 million guns in the US, and on Dec 14, 2012, just about 300 million guns were not used in crimes.  Statistically, something like only 1 in 16,000 guns is ever actually used in a crime (John Lott had a story about this and how the stats on crime and gun ownership really add up to some thing like 99.97% of guns never being used in any crime at all, ever – not just violent crimes, but even seized by game wardens for poaching and such… I’ll link it if I can find it again – needless to say searching through my browser history and putting in “gun stats” is going to yield a lot of results now).

When anti-rights activists who want to crack down on the citizen come out, the responsible citizen views it as a threat to their own freedom.  The responsible citizen responds – by stocking up against government tyranny.  In the short term, so they have it for themselves, in the long term, it’s ultimately necessary to the security of a free state – as resistance to tyranny.

The “practical” point that the DC beltway Washington Examiner writer makes is that if you try to crack down, people react to it.  It has a net negative effect.  Those who want bans, if they were motivated by reason (they’re motivated by either emotion or lust for power) would see that the immediate effects are to reinforce the idea that yes, in fact, people are after their guns.  And by the tweets above, we can see there are those who believe the NRA and Americans who are armed citizens to be threats in need of extermination.

The Founders would be appalled to think that there would be those demanding to destroy their fellow man so they could be enslaved to government.

If you want to really see the point in a harsh light, consider the Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership – the JPFO.  Go back up there and change “NRA” to “JPFO”, or “Jews who want guns”.  The reason the JPFO exists is because they take Never Again quite seriously.  They can look back only a few decades and see when they were exterminated, when the right to bear arms and the loss thereof resulted in the difference between life and death.  None of them believed it could happen then, either.

If someone told you in 2005 that the next president would be a half-white, half-black Kenyan-American born in Hawaii and raised in Indonesia, mentored by communists and who would go on to have the ATF send guns to the Mexican drug cartels, would you have believed it?  A lot can change in a few years – and those who look back to history – and for some of the JPFO, they can look at the tattoos on their arms (and some children of holocaust survivors have gone to recreating the tattoos on their own arms to Never Forget) – and they know there is a danger.

I should add something else about the JPFO.  They are extreme.  Compare these two logos – the NRA’s with wood-stocked rifles with classic lines, for hunting or marksmanship, for peaceful days, just being vigilant and a good marksman, a pleasant patriotic symbol:


And the JPFO’s logo, with a pair of modern rifles – evil black assault rifle AR15s and colors that don’t run – because NO ONE is going to murder them again:


They are extremists in defense of liberty – and when you contrast what the idiots above are saying about the relatively moderate NRA (still cursed among many gun owners for compromising on the 1994 scary-looking gun ban) – think what they would say about a group of Jews whose interest is in preserving modern firearms – evil, scary black rifles.

Now scroll back up to the tweets above, and put in “Jews who want guns”.  See how that makes you feel.  See if that doesn’t make you worry a bit, and think to yourself “if my name was Melvin Levi Rosenbergsternstein of Big Citytown, yeah, I definitely need a modern rifle… and I need at least six 30-round mags”.   And then “if my name was Jill Thompson of Circle Pines… yeah, this stuff is scary… I think I want a good, modern gun if that mob ever breaks out anywhere else… it could happen here, too”.

Suddenly you’re the scapegoat for bigger problems in society.  Suddenly your defense of your own rights, and your right to defend yourself against the mob that wants to empower government to come after you becomes quite vivid.  You think of that right as necessary, held in reserve because you can look back over the history of civilization and see the need might arise.  That thought, that remembrance of countless generations of human existence is not only exerted in a vague sense, but the stark, rabid anger of a mob shows itself and suddenly – yeah… it’s time to stock up on guns and ammo – because these people want the government to come for you when you’ve done nothing to them.  Your existence offends, and they need a scapegoat.

That you understand and fear the mob means the mob targets you first.  In liberty, you have become the armed sheep contesting the wolves’ vote on what to eat…

Update: People have been stocking up:

Today was considerably worse than Black Friday was last month. People calling it Black Monday, and everything else…we sold virtually everything, continuously, every second of every minute we were open, and some more besides.
Out of the distributors I mainly deal with, magazines are virtually non-existent. The stockpile of 40-50,000 PMags that were on-hand a week or two back? Gone. Self defense ammo in common centerfire calibers? Evaporated. ARs in any pattern, any configuration? Fucking vanished. A quick search of one distributor lists 1748 products for rifles, but only 361 are in stock right now…
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