Felon Congressman Bobby Rush Introduces HR6680 Gun Ban

Posted: December 19, 2012 by ShortTimer in Democrats, Economic freedom, Government, Guns, Leftists, Liberal Fascists, Second Amendment

From GovTrack.us:

H.R. 6680: To provide for the implementation of a system of licensing for purchasers of …

…certain firearms and for a record of sale system for those firearms, and for other purposes.

112th Congress, 2011–2012

Rep. Bobby Rush [D-IL1]
Referred to Committee

No text from the bill yet.

But, as if we needed more confirmation that the Second Amendment was thoroughly introduced for the right reasons, to protect us from government, considre Bobby Rush’s past.  For those who aren’t aware of it, he is a felon – therefore can’t legally own a gun or ammunition, and was a budding communist terrorist:

Rush’s own apartment was raided in December 1969, where police discovered an unregistered pistol, rifle, shotgun, pistol ammunition, training manuals on explosives, booby traps, an assortment of communist literature, and a small amount of marijuana.[5] Rush was imprisoned for six months in 1972 on a weapons charge, after carrying a pistol into a police station.

Gun laws are for the citizen, not the ruler.  Bobby Rush got power, now he needs you to disarm.  He understood that guns were important to challenge power “After witnessing fellow Black Panther Fred Hampton being killed in a police raid, Rush made statements saying “We needed to arm ourselves” “; but now that he’s in power, he needs to make sure that no one can resist his brand of tyranny.

It’s like the difference between a socialist and a communist.  The socialist doesn’t have all the guns yet.

In a more practical sense, on the smaller time-frame and picture, there’s no reason anyone in America should listen to a convicted felon and friend of cop killers on advice about guns, crime, or anything else, for that matter.

For those that look at “licensing” and don’t see “ban”, licensing and the denial of licenses is how you accomplish a ban by another name.  Marijuana was originally made illegal through the tax code.  If you wanted to grow it, you needed a tax stamp.  Simple solution – no stamps were issued, and suddenly, it was illegal because the “proper paperwork” was denied.  Licensing is a way to control a market – dictate that someone has to jump through X hoop, and then tighten the hoop as need be until the market evaporates.

We’ve seen this in Australia, where the gun ban after the Port Arthur Massacre started and escalated.  Turn in this, turn in that, what you can keep has to be inspected, licensed, stored in a safe at a gun range, no one else can handle it, etc., etc. until the onerous regulations force people out of gun ownership entirely.  New York City’s permit system is like this as well, where there are so many steps to go through that the bureaucracy renders it a non-existent right.

If you have to ask for a permit, you’re asking for permission… if you’re asking for permission, it’s not a right.


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