Gun Control Hypocrisy In One Screenshot

Posted: December 20, 2012 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Leftists, Media, Second Amendment

From Robert Shrum at Dailybeast:

daily beast outright unsafe 121219

So those two guns are “outright unsafe”?

I also keep reading the argument that those evil black rifles only are made to kill huge numbers of people.  So why do the police have them?

There’s never an adequate answer, other than the idea that the state magically empowers someone with a badge to have superhuman judgement skills… something anti-gunners never agree with when cops are busy doing things they don’t like.  They’re always calling cops “pigs” who are abusive racist thugs in their worldview… yet for some reason they want the police to have an exclusive monopoly on force.

To shoot down another stupid argument of theirs, saying that the Constitution only applies to weapons of the time, is invalid because the objective was to put the citizen on equal footing with the state.  By actual Constitutional measure, either the citizen should have access to all modern military small arms, or the military should also be limited to muskets.

Update: Liberty Blitzkrieg has a good piece on how to spot further gun control hypocrisy.

These people are not interested in easing violence; these folks want to disarm the public before the mathematically inevitable economic collapse occurs (see my article “Slaves are Always Disarmed”).  While many of these folks claims publicly that there is an “economic recovery” and happy days are just over the horizon, they know better and privately want to get all their ducks in a row before the final and horrific collapse occurs.  This is why the surveillance state is making such aggressive strides at the moment.  It is also why there is a panic to remove firearms from the public.

The other way to spot a hypocrite is to see whether they ever speak out about other acts of violence, or if they only open their mouths when it comes to gun incidents.  I see this attitude all over the “fake left” landscape. If someone you know, or someone in the media never decries American drones strikes that kill children regularly in the forgotten parts of the globe, yet jumps at every gun incident like it is the end of the world, that person has an agenda. That person hates guns, not necessarily violence.  They do not have a clear head in this argument.

Consider the violence associated with the Occupy Wall Street movement and how that was (not) reported versus a black guy (whose face was edited for TV so they could say he was a racist white man) who peacefully carried an AR to a protest.

AZ-gun-man black dude obama protest


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