Terrorist Bill Ayers and the Left’s Absolute Access To Education

Posted: December 22, 2012 by ShortTimer in Education, Leftists, terrorism

From The Blaze:

“If we want change to come, we would do well not to look at the sites of power we have no access to; the White House, the Congress, the Pentagon,” Ayers added. “We have absolute access to the community, the school, the neighborhood, the street, the classroom, the workplace, the shop, the farm.

>Modern Liberal Thought - In Light of 9/11 - Bill AyersBill Ayers on 9/11/01:

”I don’t regret setting bombs,” Bill Ayers said. ”I feel we didn’t do enough.”

  1. […] keep in mind that the people in those deep blue states are the kind that reward, promote, protect and have as educators the terrorists who planned to kill troops and their dates at an NCO dance at Ft. Dix.  So as a […]

  2. […] While it’s interesting and fairly important to note that young folks almost ready to vote (or young voters) actually want to buy guns, what’s unimportant is an elementary schooler’s opinions.  Though it is worth noting how those opinions are manufactured by the left via subversion through teaching, because, again, they control education. […]

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