David Gregory’s Magazinegate – Politico Reports David Gregory Will Not Be Hosting Meet The Press Next Week

Posted: December 26, 2012 by ShortTimer in Crime, Guns, Media, Washington DC

From Dylan Byers at Politico:

NBC’s David Gregory, the subject of a now-popular police investigation, is on vacation and will not host this Sunday’s edition of “Meet The Press.”

Gregory’s vacation was scheduled prior to last week’s show, according to NBC. He is scheduled to host the Jan. 5 edition of “Meet the Press.”

Maybe.  That’s a long time for NBC to make decisions until then.

  1. keninmontana says:

    Likely it will be claimed that the magazine was a plastic mock-up.

    • ShortTimer says:

      That’s a lot more difficult to find than a real one.

      On top of that, as the statute states, anything that can be “converted” or “restored” counts as prohibited.

      • keninmontana says:

        Actually, they are fairly easy to find. ASP (makers of the ASP baton) has been manufacturing them for a variety of weapons for quite some time.

      • ShortTimer says:

        He used a real magazine, so it’s ultimately irrelevant.

        Nowhere I’ve worked or trained that used ASP gear red guns ever bothered with mags, since magazines are legal throughout most of the US. If that was the whole point, kudos for pointing it out. I wasn’t aware ASP made a product specifically for locations that ban 2A.

        Now, if one were to believe the apologist fantasy that Gregory used a fake mag (which he clearly didn’t and Wayne LaPierre plainly saw that he didn’t), then you’d also have to believe that a staffer went to the trouble of repainting it good enough to fake out HDTV, grinding down the ASP logo or grinding down to it (since it’s molded plastic and not painted) again good enough to fake out HDTV, and then gone to the trouble of soundproofing it somehow so when Gregory set it down it didn’t go clunk like those heavy redguns do, then that they had actually listened to the DC police the first time (which they didn’t), and that they then went on to call the ATF for no reason to ask permission to use a magazine that they weren’t going to use because they’d just spent all that time on a realistic prop. And they went and got a real 10-round magazine to compare it to, or fabricated that by grinding down another ASP mag. Oh, and while we’re at it, the moon landing was fake, Oswald was a patsy, Bu$Hitler did 9/11 on the order of the Zionists, fluoride in the water is CIA MK/Ultra mind control, and the Illuminati did it.

      • keninmontana says:

        Oh I’ve no doubt that the magazine is an actual GI/STANAG 30 rounder, I was just anticipating the network’s claim they would use to defend Gregory. As far as the ASP magazines go, they were designed to be used as a training alternative to the more expensive “Redguns”, they fit into the officer’s duty sidearm just like the real thing.

        Oh and everybody knows it was Dastardly Dick Cheney and the Pope.

        Just one question, tanks or “tracs”?

      • ShortTimer says:

        Except the other coast.

      • keninmontana says:

        3rd AABn, Charlie Co here, after a short stint with 1/1.
        Semper Fi
        YAT YAS

      • keninmontana says:

        Hey ST, I did not see a link to send in news tips, so I figured this would be the easiest way to get this to you guys. Looks like the Republicans may cave to more gun regulations; http://docthompson.com/
        Look for the link “Guns:The Republicans have already given in.

      • ShortTimer says:

        Thanks for the tip, and the heads up. I’ll have to get with JBH (he does the format for the blog) and get our blog email addresses up there. In the meantime, mine’s shorttimer1775 AT yahoo DOT com.

      • keninmontana says:

        You’re welcome, and thanks.

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