David Gregory’s Magazinegate – What If He Went To Jail?

Posted: December 27, 2012 by ShortTimer in Crime, Guns, Media, Washington DC

Via Yahoo and the Atlantic Wire:

David Gregory is actually under investigation for showing a 30-round magazine to the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre on Meet the Press this weekend, and the prospect of Gregory going to prison is actually making a lot of conservatives very happy. There’s no get-out-jail-free card in this meme, as far as they’re concerned — only a point to be made.

But the most important part is the comments:

Get this. He is not going to jail but if your average American was walking down the street in DC with one of these with no bullets he/she would go to jail if caught.

That is what gun laws are good for, getting innocent people in trouble. Just ask David G. of NBC. We don’t need gun laws. We need good judgment in making only good laws.

They have the evidence on film. If they don’t enforce the law, they should never be allowed to enforce it against anyone else.

He is in the media and he is not on FOX, therefore he is a liberal. And it is a SILLY law that if you have a 30 round magazine unattached to a weapon in DC you must go to jail, if they are not going to enforce the law, then they need to remove it from the books.


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