Gun Bans and Economics

Posted: December 29, 2012 by ShortTimer in Economic freedom, Economics, free markets, Government, Guns

This doesn’t even always have to apply to guns, but today it does.  Pictures of the West Coast Armory in Bellevue, Washington:

Before Connecticut:

west-coast-armory-before-sandy-hook photo by nick jacobAfter:

west-coast-armory-after-sandy-hook photo by nick jacob

The thing is, it’s a limited supply.  There are a lot of new buyers – and many of them aren’t prior owners, they’re just new buyers who want to get something before a ban kicks in.  They oppose the ban with their dollars.  This has led to things like the $12 PMAG becoming the $100 PMAG (or $515 for a 5-pack).

TheTruthAboutGuns has this piece noting that the supply chain is bare with the threat of government destroying the industry:

Firearm makers in this country have been going 24/7 to keep up with demand ahead of Obama’s re-election. Rifles that might be banned under a renewed AWB were already in short supply following a massive buying spree that happened around election day. Those rifles had only just started re-appearing in distributors’ stocks when the shooting in Connecticut took place.

Now, after Dianne Feinstein outlined her bill, the entire supply chain is barren. The usual cushion of rifles that adorn distributor’s warehouses are gone and they’re shipping guns out as soon as they come in the door. Thanks to the potential of a new Assault Weapons Ban, manufacturers are going to be very hesitant to increase their production capabilities to meet demand for products that may be made illegal in the short to medium term.

Threats to the industry are currently halting it as manufacturers figure out what to do.  There’s a horrible amount of uncertainty in the market.

Those who’ve been looking at guns for more than a week already know this, though some business types are late to the party, as Legal Insurrection notes.  It’s week-old news to the gun world, but the pictures get the point across.

Update: Washington Post has this in their “crime” section – Gun sales surge in Virginia.

  1. keninmontana says:

    Those before and after shots look an awful lot like my favorite haunt, Axmen South.

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