Vanity Fair: Repeal The Second Amendment

Posted: January 4, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Leftists, Media, Penn and Teller, Second Amendment

From Kurt Eichenwald:

Now, before gunnies run for their weapons and belch out that tiresome and frighteningly violent malarkey about prying their firearms from their “cold, dead hands,” let me be clear: I believe that people have the right to arm themselves. The concept traces back to English common law, which is how it made its way into the Constitution. The problem is, for a variety of reasons, the Second Amendment has been twisted and bastardized in ways that could never have been conceived at the time of the nation’s founding. Just look at what has happened in states so far: the Michigan legislature passed a law allowing folks to carry concealed weapons in day-care centers, and Ohio is going forward with its plans to allow guns in the garages at the state capitol. The right, they claim, comes from the Second Amendment.

Actually, no.  The right comes from natural law, which predates the Second Amendment.  The Second Amendment merely codifies natural law within the constitution.  Just because you go to a day-care center doesn’t mean that your right to defend yourself and your children ceases to exist; and the Second Amendement and Michigan’s law simply affirms this by leaving legal the most effective tools of self-defense.

and then there's this asshole penn & teller

Eichenwald really is.

As written, though, the amendment has nothing—nothing—to do with modern America. Worse, it is the biggest mess of verbiage in the whole Constitution, making its actual meaning almost impossible to discern. We need to get rid of it and try again with an amendment that makes sense.

The idiot sums it up with his “new” amendment:

The people retain the right to keep and bear arms, subject to reasonable restrictions deemed necessary by the Congress and the President to secure the lives and well being of others.

Yet another genius leftist who doesn’t know his wonderful idea has already been proven a dismal failure.  Article 10 of the Mexican Constitution:

Citizens of the republic may, for their protection, own guns and arms in their homes. Only arms sanctioned by the Army may be owned, and federal law will state the manner in which they can be used.

And thus, the only people with guns in Mexico are the police, military, and narcoterrorist cartels.  Pretty simple.  The Army doesn’t sanction, federal law states they can’t be used, pretty simple.  “Reasonable” restrictions from a despot mean “you will be disarmed”.

The rest of the piece is just the usual drivel and mindless blather that falls from the lips of leftists who can’t see that the big picture looks even worse in the long run when you have disarmament.  It is precisely this reason that the Second Amendment is the very reason we have modern America and the peace that the US has provided, as opposed to the kind of governance that rules in nations with total power.

oleg volk government killing

  1. Daniel J. Fortune says:

    Why should we demand a plan to preserve the 2nd Amendment?

    Because, “Democide Prevails When Law Abiding Citizens Do Nothing.”

    Demand a Plan,

    For Liberty Sake!

  2. JBH says:

    Thanks Daniel for the link!

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