The Battle Against Cooler Heads… And Operation Fast and Furious Revisited

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Slate calls this piece “The Battle Against The Clock“, but it’s really about not listening to cooler heads or understanding the issue:

The battle for gun control is a battle against the clock. After a tragedy like the massacre in Newtown, Conn., gun control advocates say lawmakers have about 30 days to channel public outrage toward enacting laws that might prevent another mass killing. After that, people get distracted, new challenges crop up, memories dim, and nothing gets done. Those who would like to stop gun control legislation know how this clock ticks, too. It is a battle between emotion and organization. How long can the emotion be sustained and how long can the NRA organization wait it out?

How long can Democrats dance in the blood of children and push people to give up their rights to resist oppression?

There are two avenues for change emerging out of the discussions held by Vice President Biden. One is a long list of potential legislative changes: laws to ban assault weapons, limit the size of high-capacity magazine clips, promote universal background checks, crack down on gun trafficking, improve mental health screening, and perhaps nudge Hollywood into tamping down some of the violence in video games and movies. That’s the grinding, nose-counting process that will take place in Congress. The second, larger task, as administration officials describe it, is broader and more fuzzy. It requires changing the culture of guns in America and shifting the conversation from one of protecting gun rights enshrined in the Constitution to one of protecting children.

That is a fundamental change of the culture of the United States.  That is destroying the right enshrined in the Constitution and replacing it with “for the children!”

gadsden flag for the children

Nothing pulls at heartstrings more than children.  And Democrats know that once people sit back a bit and realize that the dangers of a disarmed citizenry before an oppressive government invariably proves the maxim: “A madman in an armed society can kill dozens, a madman in a disarmed society will kill millions.”

Listening to those involved in this effort there are echoes of the 2008 Obama campaign—they describe an energy and swell of sentiment that just needs a person to shape and guide it. Activists who have been fighting for gun control for years describe a new unexpected passion among progressive groups. After meeting with the vice president and his staffers, they express surprise (and delight) at how seriously the president and his team are pushing this effort.

They want to fundamentally destroy the nation, to “change” it into something unrecognizable, wherein they shape the world to their heart’s desire by manipulating you the citizen.  Our Founders intended for the maximum amount of liberty and the smallest amount of government interference in your life.  These progressive groups progress towards tyranny in which they will dictate how you will live.  They’re not trying to change public opinion for more freedom and liberty, giving you choices of how you want to live, they’re trying to restrict you by telling you you’re stupid and it’s for your own good.  And the clock is ticking, because they can only lie for so long before people catch on to it.

One of the key messages, says a White House official, is to “drain the drama and fear” out of what the president is proposing. The message the president wants to send is that he’s not trying to trample on hunters and sportsmen. That’s a necessary precursor to any legislation because advocates for reform argue that the only way they will be able to build popular and political support is if they can split the NRA from its leadership.

The key message is to lie.

Hunting and sports have nothing to do with the Second Amendment.  Read it.

The “necessary precursor” is to lull the gullible into believing that their long-range sniper rifle isn’t next.

Photo by Oleg Volk.

Photo by Oleg Volk.

If the membership can be convinced that the president is not an ideologue trying to grab their guns, they will be less likely to believe the NRA leadership who paint him that way.

If the big lie can be believed, they can get the foot in the door and get more bans passed.

If the president does make a full push to enact gun control laws or change public sentiment, it will be another test of the bully pulpit and its limitations. When President Obama pushed his health care reform it became less popular. His efforts to pressure Republicans during his first term in a variety of budget fights did not work. Neither of those causes had a galvanizing moment behind it though. The president has also shown signs that he’s going to be a little more combative in his second term than he was in the first.

The “bully pulpit” is used by someone who is, in fact, a bully, pushing a lie against citizens’ rights.  Obamacare trampled citizens’ rights and is still being fought against because people know how it will impact them – they’re seeing limits on religious liberty already, wherein individuals who don’t believe in certain treatments are forced at the point of the government’s gun to pay for them.

The budget fights are a matter of Obama paying for his Curley Effect destruction of one income level to favor the income leve that votes for him due to handouts.  A combative president who seeks to crush citizens’ rights used to be something so-called liberals were concerned about, but they aren’t.  They’re all on board with the leftist-progressive utopia that can only be made at the point of the government’s gun.

Vice President Biden reports to the president Tuesday on the findings of his inquiries, and after that, the president will back a set of specific recommendations. He won’t offer legislation. Congress will have to come up with the language themselves. Based on conversations with administration officials and gun control activists, few think that an assault weapons ban is possible, though the president will push for one. A plan for stronger background checks is likely to have more support, as are laws that would crack down on gun trafficking. Whether the president can even build support for that depends on his will—and how long he can keep the time from running out.

Biden doesn’t care what anyone but the gun-banners are saying.  That’s all there is to it.  He’s anti gun, so’s Obama.  It’s a farce.

An “assault weapons ban” is just a ban on modern firearms, putting the citizen at a disadvantage against criminals (who never follow laws) and additional disadvantage against the government (who, as history has shown, do what they like once they aren’t held accountable).

Then there’s this line:

A plan for stronger background checks is likely to have more support, as are laws that would crack down on gun trafficking.

If you’ve been reading this thinking that I sound a bit peeved, I am.  The first part of that is banning private sales – as in you can’t sell a gun to your brother or sister – because the government has to get involved in your life and regulate your rights.

The second part is worse.  Anything this government says about “trafficking” is infuriating beyond measure.

Couldn't shoot straight, but we know their real target.

The Obama administration’s ATF sent guns to Mexican narcoterrorist cartels in order that they could then recover the guns at murder scenes.  The objective was to undermine the Second Amendment and work to demonize US gun owners.  This was called Operation Fast and Furious (aka Project or Operation Gunwalker – before the real name was learned).

This is Susana Flores Maria Gamez, a Mexican beauty pageant queen murdered by narcoterrorists armed by Obama’s government.

maria-susana-flores killed by F&F

This is Brian Terry, US Border Patrol agent and Marine veteran, murdered by narcoterrorists armed by Obama’s government.

brian terry

This is Jaime Zapata, US ICE agent murdered by narcoterrorists armed by Obama’s government.

jaime zapata

There are hundreds upon hundreds, possibly up to thousands of Mexicans and US citizens murdered by Obama’s deliberate plan to run guns to Mexican narcoterrorists in order to undermine the Second Amendment.  ATF Phoenix SAC Bill Newell was the go-to guy for years worth of “US guns are going to Mexico” stories that were proven false by Stratfor; and he was the same man who was in contact with the White House through his friend Kevin O’Reilly; the same White House calling for gun bans.

For anyone in this current regime to go off saying that it’s time for laws against “gun trafficking” by destroying US citizens rights is insult to deliberate criminal injury.  They want to take your rights away and they’ve been trying for years – and they’ve been trying the same things over and over.  They tried to frame you and ended up killing hundreds if not thousands of our Mexican neighbors, and at least two federal law enforcement agents.

At about the 13 minute mark, Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley gives a pretty decent summary.  When you listen to it, for those who haven’t heard it, you’ll see why this current round of gun control is that much more infuriating.  The Obama administration has murdered people intentionally and is still covering up murders – all to push their gun control agenda against you, the citizen.

“Thomas Jefferson once said that,  quote ‘The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.’  Now politicians and bureaucrats prefer to talk about anything but the Constitution because you know what that Constitution does? It places inconvenient restrictions on their ability to concentrate more power in government.  They even blame the Second Amendment for their own failure to enforce law.  The gun grabbers in our government exploit any examples of lawlessness and violence as an excuse to infringe upon the rights of law abiding citizens.  That’s why the Second Amendment defenders are often the most outspoken advocates for law and order.”

– Sen. Chuck Grassley

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