Guns, Americans’ Concerns, and the Chilling Effect of Political Threats

Posted: January 15, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Media, Second Amendment

We’ve looked at how gun and ammo sales have gone up beyond belief, clearing out stores, warehouses, distributors, and manufacturers.  Some folks are late to the crowd (including this report that claims stores were selling “assault weapons”, a political scheme name, not a real thing)  And in KY, store shelves are bare.  We’ve already seen this in WA and across the countrybut it’s still ongoing.

And reporters are still idiots:

That’s on top of thousands of clips that can hold up to 100 rounds of bullets for some rifles and the store’s complete stock of ammunition, somewhere around 10,000 to 15,000 rounds.

magazine vs clipAnd 10,000-15,000 rounds isn’t much – it’s only a few more boxes:

1100 rounds

Meanwhile, Gallup is saying that gun control only ranks as important to about 4% of the people in the US.  Even so, supposedly “pro-gun” Democrats (there’s no such thing) are going out and saying guns should be banned, and everything but what they personally own should be up for banning.

Manchin continued, hinting that he would favor a renewing of the “assault weapons” ban: “I don’t have a so-called assault weapon. I’m a proud gun owner. I have many guns, I don’t have that type of a gun.” Manchin acknowledged that he used one of his bolt action rifles to shoot the cap and trade bill in one of his campaign ads.

Manchin does not care about you or your gun.  To him, he has a rifle to hunt – a rifle that exists so he can pursue his aristocratic pleasure of sport.  He uses it to fool gullible Fudds into believe he won’t ban their assault sniper rifles.

With all these political threats to firearms owners, store owners, and manufacturers, and with the chilling effects of organizations divesting themselves of firearms company holdings in order to make political statements, it’s no surprise that things have gone so far as to have modern rifles banned from sporting shows.

The organizer of the annual Eastern Sports and Outdoor Show in Harrisburg apparently is banning so-called assault weapons from this year’s show.

Reed Exhibitions has informed some exhibitors — including Kinsey’s Outdoors in Mount Joy and The Sportsman’s Shop in New Holland, representatives of both stores said — that AR-style rifles and high-capacity ammunition magazines capable of holding 30 rounds or more may not be sold or displayed at the show, scheduled for Feb. 2-10 at the State Farm Show Complex on Cameron Street.

Alex Cameron, general manager of Kinsey’s, said he was told the ban was due to the “current political climate.”

A Russian professor of mine once said that the severest form of censorship was self-censorship.  Here we have people who are afraid to exercise their rights because of the political climate, with gun owners being “outed” and their privacy and lives threatened because of the media and told they should “cower” and that the public should be “brainwashed”.

With these simple acts of intimidation, there are gun owners willing to abandon their rights and hide.  They’ll sell their friends with modern rifles down the river and give up liberty for security; licking hands that feed and with chains resting upon them.

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