Why Gun Control Will Lose

Posted: January 17, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Leftists, Progressives and Left, Second Amendment

Ultimately, gun control is a loser.  It’s a loser because it denies natural rights which everyone can understand.

It’s a loser because 60 percent of the youth say they want guns at some point.

Sixty percent of high school and college students say they plan on owning guns at a later stage in life, an academic study from American University revealed on Monday.

According to the study, about 40 percent of the American students surveyed said they definitely planned to own firearms once they had established their own households. Another 20 percent said they were “contemplating” owning guns.

Those findings were part of a broader study conducted by American University professor Jennifer L. Lawless and Loyola Marymount professor Richard L. Fox which focused on the political opinions of young Americans. The study was conducted prior the recent Newtown massacre, but after the Aurora theatre shooting.

The actions of a madman still won’t change the minds of anyone, whether it be the decision to purchase a firearm or the newest violent video game.  If you want an AR15, you want an AR15.  If you want to play Chivalry, you want to play Chivalry, and any nanny-state wannabe tyrant telling you that they know what’s best for you is the kind of thing that irritates you.

Lawless told Campus Reform on Tuesday that in her view the findings were proof that President Obama should move swiftly, and without the permission of Congress if necessary, in order limit the availability of firearms.

“The next generation plans on owning guns, so if we want to avoid the tragedies that we’ve seen… we obviously need to move quickly and if an executive order is the way to do it, then that is the way the to do it,” she said.

The objective of the left is to forcibly, violently enact tyranny before the next generation can enjoy the freedoms the last generation has paid their blood for.

Anti-gun tyrants know that the youth doesn’t like being told what to do – and the youth, even with years of public education brainwashing (as Eric Holder said) – still understands natural rights intrinsically.

It’s commonplace that university “researchers” refuse to understand that gun laws don’t work, that they don’t prevent tragedies, and that those “researchers” desire tyrannical government force to overrule the people and in fact turn tragedies into statistics – as Stalin would say.

Amazing how they favor tyranny so much that they’ve decided that 60% of the people’s opinions should be overruled by a powerful government.  “Obviously” here is used to portray anyone who opposes them as a simpleton who can’t use “common sense” (read: agreeing with the leftist) to see how criminals, murderers, and governments that arm narcoterrorist cartels would always follow gun laws aimed at the responsible non-criminal citizen.  And this is why they’re turning on the propaganda machine – to deny you the citizen your natural rights – rights that even the youth understand are innate and inalienable.

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  2. Robert Wyatt says:

    Gun Control is a LOOSER for one reason and one reason only. GUN OWNERS VOTE.

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