Guns Across America Turnouts

Posted: January 19, 2013 by ShortTimer in First Amendment, Government, Guns, Liberty, Second Amendment

Over the last week or so, a grassroots movement started with January 19th as a day of protest against destruction of US gun rights; calling for people to march on their state capitols.  It was initially just called “Gun Appreciation Day” and then also became “Guns Across America”.  USA today has an only slightly biased story.

Thousands of gun rights supporters gathered at state capitols around the country Saturday to rally against new laws to regulate on firearms proposed by President Obama in the wake of last month’s school shooting in Connecticut.

The crowds included people of all ages, some waving flags and holding signs saying “Don’t Tread on Me” and “Stand behind the Second Amendment.”

A recurring message was that responsible gun owners should be left alone.

gadsden flag

At the Iowa capitol in Des Moines, state Rep. Tom Shaw told the crowd that serving overseas in the Navy had taught him the importance of allowing average citizens to defend themselves against dictators.

“I saw the eyes of the oppressed … screaming for freedom,” Shaw said. “I’m going to make sure that never happens in America and never happens in Iowa.”

Chris Chaney, 23, of Davenport, Iowa, said he’s disgusted by what he sees as the use of children’s deaths in the Connecticut school shooting to win political support for gun-control legislation.

“If we give up liberty in the name of security, we will have neither,” Chaney said. “Everybody has a right to defend themselves against evil people and tyranny.”

And now a few photos from various rallies from around the internet.  Montgomery, AL:

guns across america montgomery al

New York:

guns across america ny

Austin, TX:


guns across america austin tx 2

guns across america austin tx 3

guns across america austin tx 4

guns across america austin tx 6

guns across america austin tx 8


guns across america ky

Denver, CO:guns across america denver co

guns across america denver co 2

St. Paul, MN:

guns across america st paul mn

guns across america st paul mn 2guns across america st paul mn 3Salt Lake City, UT:

guns across america slc utguns across america slc ut 2guns across america slc ut 3guns across america slc ut 4

And finally, Boise, ID, where peaceful open carry is commonplace:

guns across america boise idguns across america boise id 2guns across america boise id 3guns across america boise id 4guns across america boise id 5

  1. Z. Lujan says:

    Awesome photos! Makes any true American proud to see the political process working FOR the people. We may not succeed, but we will definitely be heard. For the first time in history, we have the ability, knowledge, drive and capabilities to stage truly effective and massive protests so that our voices are heard and votes counted.

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