Gunwalker Update: Eric Holder Begs Court To Not Release Fast and Furious Documents

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In all this “new national debate on gun violence”, which is really just a big propaganda event against citizens rights, some things have gone almost totally forgotten.  Namely, how the Obama administration sent guns to Mexico with the intent of finding them at crime scenes in order to “prove” that US guns were going south.  Operation Fast and Furious ended up with hundreds (if not thousands) of dead Mexicans and two US federal agents dead (that we know of so far) – all because Obama and his DOJ wanted to push for more gun control.  After their scheme was found out, anti-gun forces still wanted to use their own murderous scheme by government to destroy US citizens’ rights.  It’s like a wife-beater getting caught and then beating his wife twice as hard because she “made him do it”.

Remember – they were mandated by the ATF to let guns go to Mexico, the Mexican authorities and the ATF in Mexico knew nothing.  This was the US government supplying guns to the cartels to “find” them at murder scenes:

Eric Holder’s DOJ has been stonewalling since this began to be exposed when US Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed and Operation Fast and Furious and the ATF’s many Gunwalker plans have come to light (including Operation Castaway, and an unnamed operation in Texas that provided the gun that killed Jaime Zapata).  They’re still trying to stop any of this from coming to light, with Holder begging for courts to stop any further exposure of his crimes:

Attorney General Eric Holder and his Department of Justice have asked a federal court to indefinitely delay a lawsuit brought by watchdog group Judicial Watch. The lawsuit seeks the enforcement of open records requests relating to Operation Fast and Furious, as required by law.

Judicial Watch had filed, on June 22, 2012, a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request seeking all documents relating to Operation Fast and Furious and “specifically [a]ll records subject to the claim of executive privilege invoked by President Barack Obama on or about June 20, 2012.”

The administration has refused to comply with Judicial Watch’s FOIA request, and in mid-September the group filed a lawsuit challenging Holder’s denial. That lawsuit remains ongoing but within the past week President Barack Obama’s administration filed what’s called a “motion to stay” the suit. Such a motion is something that if granted would delay the lawsuit indefinitely.

Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said that Holder’s and Obama’s desire to continually hide these Fast and Furious documents is “ironic” now that they’re so gung-ho on gun control. “It is beyond ironic that the Obama administration has initiated an anti-gun violence push as it seeking to keep secret key documents about its very own Fast and Furious gun walking scandal,” Fitton said in a statement. “Getting beyond the Obama administration’s smokescreen, this lawsuit is about a very simple principle: the public’s right to know the full truth about an egregious political scandal that led to the death of at least one American and countless others in Mexico. The American people are sick and tired of the Obama administration trying to rewrite FOIA law to protect this president and his appointees. Americans want answers about Fast and Furious killings and lies.”

So each time you hear about Obama calling for more gun bans, remember – his administration intentinally murdered over 10 times the people at Sandy Hook in order have an excuse to try to take away your rights.

And they’re still covering it up.

  1. Blog Raju says:

    The “gunwalking” operations started in 2006. George W Bush is just as guilty as Barack Obama.

  2. Robert Wyatt says:

    Hey Eric!! Are you concerned that the weapons used in Conneticuit will be traced to Fast and Furious??

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