Afghanistan Declared A Gun-Free Zone

Posted: January 22, 2013 by ShortTimer in Afghanistan, Government, Guns, Humor, Iraq

From The Duffel Blog:

KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Following the latest green-on-blue attacks, Afghan President Hamid Karzai has formally announced today that the entire nation of Afghanistan had been declared a gun-free zone.

“After over thirty years of senseless violence, I think it’s time we say no to big guns and the firearms industry that promotes them,” a tearful and visibly-tired Karzai told a crowd of Afghan legislators at the presidential palace in Kabu.

There were concerns that many residents in this nation of firearms enthusiasts, widely described as “the freest people in the world”, would ignore the edict.  This is a country where guns outnumber people 14:1 and actually have more civil rights than them.  Many people proudly sport jalabiyas bearing the slogan “Live free or die”.  Last year a DShK heavy machine gun was elected to parliament.  And the national motto can be roughly translated as ‘A man should purchase a gun instead of a wife, because at least if someone looks at his gun he won’t have to take it out back and crush it with a heavy rock’.

Initially there was some hope that the edict would not affect the 130,000 ISAF/NATO soldiers serving throughout the country because the edict only affects men and women.  Under the Afghan constitution, ISAF soldiers are not considered human.

However ISAF spokesman Major Kimberly Ash said the International Security Assistance Force would also comply with the law and that all future patrols would be limited to bayonets and sharp pointed sticks.

Joking aside, gun control was attempted in Iraq.

Iraqis who complied gave up their arms (save being allowed one actual full-auto AK and 2 magazines per household).  Problem was, the jihadi foreign fighters and their supporters obviously didn’t care, didn’t comply, and the bad guys still had guns.  Meanwhile, the good people who wanted to support the coalition efforts were left with less to defend themselves.  Plus, while the good people might have an AK at their household, they couldn’t carry it with them to go to the town market like they could a handgun.

Still, there are plenty of interesting comparisons to make.

Iraqi AK oleg volk


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