Bill Geissele Talks About The Second Amendment

Posted: January 22, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, Second Amendment

Bill Geissele is a firearms parts/manufacturer, well known for triggers and other gear.  This comes from a promotion around the 2013 SHOT show:

The first 11 minutes or so are about gear.  The 11:30 mark (already cued up) and so on are him discussing some of his experiences and reflections on the Second Amendment.  As someone who’s deep in the industry, talking to others within the firearms community, it’s another point of view that’s a bit different; as are his personal experiences due to having family that came from Eastern Europe.

  1. It’s a silly conceit to think we as a culture or society are so much better/more enlightened than Europe in 1956 (isn’t that when the Hungarians tried to rebel against the Communists?). But in effect that’s what the gun control crowd has to argue–that we are better than that now.

    That was an interesting vid, thx. Those poor Hungarians thought the free world would help ’em out, didn’t they?


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