Plausible Deniability and the Logical Black Hole of Feminism

Posted: January 28, 2013 by ShortTimer in Culture, Philosophy

In the first video – “Is Feminism Hate?” she utterly destroys the feminist’s initial statements, before going into the greater detail.

Part 1:

If you’re not familiar with Girl Writes What?, it’s probably better to watch them both in order, if you have the time.  If you don’t have time for both, part 2 stands incredibly well by itself.

This second video is Part 2 of Girl Writes What?’s response to a few stock feminist statements.  I want to stress that it really does stand incredibly well by itself.  Take a few minutes, sit back, and enjoy having your mind blown on gender issues.

Part 2:

  1. […] GirlWritesWhat has a rather large video series where she breaks down what’s going on in the gender politics realm, and how the feminist movement often ignores the fact that women have held a lot more power than they often claim.  These two videos wreak utter havoc on many feminist arguments. […]

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