CNN Laments That There’s No Total Handgun Ban Proposed Yet

Posted: January 29, 2013 by ShortTimer in Crime, Government, Guns, Media, Ruling Class, Second Amendment

From CNN:

Despite the National Rifle Association’s assertion that Feinstein and other Democrats are taking steps toward outlawing all guns, no lawmaker is calling for a ban on the legal purchase of handguns. These common firearms, which account for the majority of gun-related violence in America but are also used for self-defense, are fully protected by the Second Amendment, according to a 2008 Supreme Court ruling.

They start the piece off with a drug deal gone bad, blame handguns, guns are bad m’kay, same old anti-gun crap that pretends to be news.  They acknowledge that evil black assault weapons don’t really kill many people and we need to ZOMG!!!11!!! BAN TEH HANDGUNS!!!

As always, this isn’t about guns – it’s about control.

For example, if police detained accused abusers for a longer time, would that allow for a cooling off period and a decreased chance of violence?

Read that sentence again.

For example, if police detained accused abusers for a longer time, would that allow for a cooling off period and a decreased chance of violence?

Detaining the accused.  Not accused as in charged, or abusers as in convicted, and jailed.  This is just detaining people who are accused.

It’s not written too clearly.  It’s unclear if they mean domestic abusers or drug abusers, but that’s unimportant, as neither of them should be detained just based on feelings.  If they’re going to be held by police, it should be for crimes they’re going to be charged with.  Not just because someone wants the police to hold them for a while.  They’re either detained when there’s an investigation, or they’re seized and arrested.  If it’s an investigative detention, the police doing their due diligence may have to hold them a while because of time required for the investigation.  Holding them because some CNN reporter feels like it should be done means there’s no rule of law – there’s police holding people based on feelings.

They get on to gun tracing later as part of the drumbeat for disarmament:

It can takes weeks or even months, if law enforcement is lucky, to trace a gun back to its origin.

Because many states don’t require guns to be registered, or private sales to be documented, no one really knows who owns many of the guns in circulation in the United States.

That means authorities are often unable to find out how criminals got their guns.

This does nothing to stop violence.

That aside, all you have to do is call the manufacturer.  They’ll indicate the distributor it went to, then to the store, then at the store, they have to keep 4473s on file for years.  It’s one of those things even the communist invaders in Red Dawn knew can be used to find gun owners.

red dawn 4473

From the first owner, you then have to find out who they sold it to.  Then you ask who they sold it to.  Then you go from there.  It requires a bit of investigation.  It’s detective work.  Too bad police aren’t there to investigate crimes or do detective work.

Really, it doesn’t take that much work, and ultimately, it doesn’t make that much difference.  In the criminal world, the usual suspects really are the usual suspects.

Bouchard, who works with firearm dealers to make sure they are compliant with the law, likens the situation to underage drinking: If someone can’t get a beer, they may find someone who can buy it for them. The same is true of guns, he said.

“The rules are easily defeated,” he said. “If (criminals) want a gun they are going to get a gun.”

That’s a hole that President Obama hopes to address with universal background checks, stronger control of gun sales and laws that would make it a crime to sell your own gun to someone without a background check.

Gee, it’s a good thing that President Obama’s ATF didn’t go out and spend taxpayer money to give guns to actual, known criminal straw purchasers in violation of existing gun laws.  It’s a good thing that Obama’s FBI didn’t decide to ignore NICS background checks and just let criminals pass so they could arm narcoterrorist cartels.  That would make him sound like a rank hypocrite, wouldn’t it?

All these new regulations are are attempts at creating barriers to entry for people into exercising their rights.  Regulate, restrict, and strangle a right and it goes away.  Criminals will always break the law, criminals will always have weapons, and criminal governments and their lackeys will always have weapons.

NRA president David Keene suggested to CNN’s Candy Crowley that he has little faith in universal background checks, saying they don’t work.

That’s because, Bouchard said, it assumes criminals will follow the law.

“These criminals don’t care what the law says,” he said.

CNN seems to not understand what criminals are.

Bouchard said the real solution would be creating a database that tracks weapons purchases.

“If people knew every transaction of a gun was going to be recorded somewhere, I think they’d be more responsible with who they transferred their weapon to,” he said.

Registration is the first step to confiscation.  Registration is a bad thing.  There is no reason for the government to know what you own or don’t own.  There is no benefit to you as a citizen.  There are only benefits to prospective tyrants, as it makes it that much easier for them to establish total control.

That may not be today, tomorrow, or for years from now.  It may be in the far future.  But, as Thomas Jefferson is quoted as having said, “the beauty of the Second Amendment is that it won’t be needed unless they try to take it”.  A government that respects you doesn’t try to disarm you and make you a serf.  A government that serves you doesn’t disarm you.

CNN and their truth-makers are part of the Ruling Class.  The decisions made by government don’t effect them any more than they effect David Gregory when he breaks the law on national TV.  They are the lord, you are the serf.


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