Gun Control Tactics Used In Argentina

Posted: February 5, 2013 by ShortTimer in Government, Guns, International Leftists, Progressives and Left, Second Amendment, Tyranny

For background, Fernando “FerFAL” Aguirre is someone who lived through Argentina’s economic collapse that started over a decade ago.  He’s written a book for the modern survivalist, and he also writes a blog on the same.  He recently wrote a post on Gun Control Tactics Used in Argentina:

The gun grabbing tactics used in Argentina are similar in many ways to those used in USA. Namely a very strong anti-gun media campaign, on all levels. In Argentina the slogan shoved down people’s throat was  “if you have a gun, you have a problem”. It was pretty effective too, catchy. My wife used to make fun of me whenever we saw it on TV, “You heard that? We have a lot of problems!” We already had mandatory gun registration (try to avoid having that in USA!) and people were harassed regarding how many guns they had and the conditions they were stored in. The anti-gun campaign was strongly supported by so called NGOs that sympathized with the government and were funded by them.

We currently have this going on in the US.

Buybacks took place on several occasions, and these presented a series of problems.

I’ll direct you to FerFAL’s site to read those – he lists some major, major problems even if one were incredibly naiive and inclined to believe gun buybacks were in any way useful against crime (and not against citizens).

In the last years the controls for getting a firearm license and renewing it had increased considerably. The psychological test was increasingly difficult and without an explanation a lot of people were failing it, in some cases people I knew pretty well and clearly didn’t have any condition that should stop them from owning guns.

This is where the tyranny of “experts” comes into play.  They make a new set of rules that there is no way to pass, then the authoritarian tyrants simply take every means of resistance away.  The state declares the desire to own a gun an indicator of mental illness, and suddenly you can’t own one (not to sound like Tom Cruise with regards to shrinks, but remember that homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder in the DSM-II until 1974).  Calling your opponents crazy is a common tactic.  Very self-serving, very tyrannical, very effective.

To the low-information citizen, the government’s accusations of anyone who desires resistance to government as being a wacko completely obfuscates the facts and changes an incident to a “narrative” – that is, a story that the government tells.  If you’re reading this blog, chances are you’ve already seen some massive examples of government telling a story that doesn’t jive with the facts, but that creates a popular perception among the uninformed – Fast and Furious and Benghazi are just the two most recent examples.

  1. Robert Wyatt says:

    Yep!! I have some of those problems too…….:>)

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