Piers Morgan Lies to Gullible Gun-Grabber-Appeasers of Tactical Firearms in Katy, TX

Posted: February 6, 2013 by ShortTimer in Economic freedom, Government, Guns, Media, Regulation, Second Amendment

From Outdoors Native:

KATY, TX – The gun control debate may be a bit out of control in Katy.

CNN’s Piers Morgan chose Tactical Firearms, a Katy gun shop and shooting range as the backdrop for Monday’s episode of “Piers Morgan Tonight”. Included in the Monday’s debate were Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, State Senator Dan Patrick and Ted Nugent.

Tactical Firearms owner, Jeremy Alcede claims Morgan told him he wanted to use the time at the gun shop as a learning exercise.

Alcede said, “He said, well, I’d like to learn more about guns.  People criticize me, saying, how can I be against guns if I don’t know anything about guns?”

Sounds good so far.

“The points that I did make were just garbled to the point that people were asking  why was I speaking in broken sentences, and I said, look back at the video and you’ll see, in one instance I’m wearing glasses, one I’m not.  One hearing protection, one not.  They just chopped it up so bad it wasn’t even funny.”

Was it a cheap shot?

“They completely misrepresented what I wanted to get across, completely.”

First off, this wasn’t really a surprise.  Invite a propagandist into your place and you reap what you sow.

Second, this is Tactical Firearms in Katy, TX, that we’re talking about.  These are the same worthless appeasers of gun grabbers that wanted online ammo sales banned because it would be a wonderful barrier to entry so they could screw their customers by using government’s gun against their competitors.

All this as President Obama is pushing his gun control agenda. We’re guessing he won’t be welcome in Katy.

Tactical Firearms isn’t welcome in the gun world, the worthless quisling Zumbos.

Host Matt Patrick: I also love what you were saying about the Stop Online Ammuntion Sales Act which is being presented by the democrats now.  You say, look if this is going to make them happy, then let’s give them this, let’s let them have this, and go away and leave us alone, right?

Tactical Firearms Owner Jeremy Alcede: Right.  I mean, they’re never going to stop.  This is just an ongoing thing that, y’know, I don’t agree with anything – y’know, you give an inch, they’ll take a mile.  Y’know if this is going to shut them up, then give it to them.  The only good thing that can come out of this is y’know, it’s gonna not allow all these big online companies to purchase ammo from the manufacturers so the manufacturers are going to be overloaded with ammo so guess what that means?  They’re going be calling me and saying “look, I’m going to give you an extra dollar fifty off a box of ammo please buy it, please buy it, so it might actually lower the cost for you the consumer.  I know if I get it lower, I’m going to sell it lower to you.

Maybe if you’d listened to the people who would’ve been your customers instead of sending “Cowboy” out to mace them, you might’ve recovered.  But I guess not.

  1. Robert Wyatt says:

    Piers Morgan needs to take his socialist asss back to jolly old england, and live with the left of the loony lymmies

  2. […] Piers Morgan Lies to Gullible Gun-Grabber-Appeasers of Tactical Firearms in Katy, TX […]

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