The “Just The Tip” Compromise With 2A Rapists In The Senate

Posted: February 8, 2013 by ShortTimer in Democrats, Government, Guns, Leftists, Progressives and Left, Republican, Second Amendment

A bipartisan senate group is “compromising” on how many of your rights they’re going to take from you.  Because compromise means you surrender your rights to them:

According to sources in both parties, they’re making “significant progress.” The AP offers a few more details, claiming that sales “in remote areas” and sales to gun buyers who’ve already been screened and approved for concealed carry might also be exempt from further checks. Maybe the real question here isn’t whether a majority of House Republicans will support it but whether Boehner’s willing to blow up the Hastert Rule yet again and try to pass the bill with a huge number of Democrats and a few dozen centrist Republicans to push them over the line to 218. The votes are surely there to make this happen given the polling; it’s a simple matter of whether Boehner feels as comfortable cutting his caucus loose on an issue as red-meat as gun control as he did on drier matters like the fiscal cliff and Sandy relief bill.

HotAir links to some reports that say people want to surrender their rights to all-powerful government.  Interesting, but you didn’t vote on that, and the Constitution means they don’t get to just take your rights away.  This isn’t a democracy, it’s a republic.  At the point that it becomes a democracy, remember that you a minority of one.

The group includes Sen. Tom Coburn, R-Oklahoma, who has an A rating with the National Rifle Association, Sen. Mark Kirk, R-Illinois, Sen. Joe Manchin, D-West Virginia, a long time advocate of gun rights, and Chuck Schumer, D-New York, a long time supporter of gun control.

So what is Chuck Shumer compromising on?  Do we get guns in schools?  Or is he only getting half his demands?  That isn’t compromise, that’s surrender – and that’s you losing your rights to the state and getting nothing.  He’s not going to repeal the Hughes Amendment and give you legal MGs back.  He’s not going to repeal the draconian Lautenberg Amendment that means someone can lose their rights for yelling at their spouse.  The fedgov isn’t going to allow you nationwide concealed carry reciprocity.

They’re just going to take part of your rights now and the rest later.  That isn’t compromise, that’s being driven down the road to serfdom slower.

CNN is told the legislation they are working on would effectively require background checks on private gun purchases made with non-licensed gun dealers, according to sources in both parties. That would include closing the so-called gun show loophole.

Not being able to sell something to another private citizen, with the government watching all legal transactions, does nothing to stop crime.  Criminals do not care.  Government does not care.  During Fast and Furious, the FBI’s NICS department let actual felons pass NICS so they could sell guns to the cartels.  They didn’t care about those felons, they don’t care about the current ones.  They care about the fact that out of the 310,000,000 good citizens in the country, many of them have the tools to resist greater government control in their lives.

However, the sources emphasize they are trying to work through this sticky issue so that Republicans, especially Coburn, are comfortable that it would address privacy concerns of gun owners, and would have clear exemptions for situations where a background check should not be needed. The most common example of that scenario is a grandfather or uncle giving guns they already own to a grandson or nephew.

There should be no exemption because there should be no law.  This is intended to placate Fudds – hunters and skeet shooter types – who do not understand that the Second Amendment is about shooting tyrants, not targets; and that a robust Second Amendment prevents ever having to deal with tyrants and allows you the freedom and luxury of hunting birds and shooting paper.

Now that Reid has something to show the Democratic base as proof of progress on gun control, does this mean he’ll drop Feinstein’s assault-weapons ban, which was never, ever, ever going to pass anyway?

Feinstein’s bill will pass.  It will pass in pieces, over time.  It will pass because of “compromise” which means surrender.

The exit question should be – what are they compromising?  And the easy answer is: NOTHING.  The left moved the Overton Window and asked for 1000 times what they think they can get; when spineless Republicans say “let’s compromise” then the left cuts it back to ten times what they thought they can get.

This is the “just the tip” compromise with a rapist.

Guess what happens next.

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