Cops, Gun Ban Compliance, and Jamaica

Posted: February 9, 2013 by ShortTimer in Crime, Government, Guns

While this is a tiny sampling over at PoliceOne, it’s interesting to see nonetheless.

police one gun ban poll 130209

One of the posters there mentioned he had worked in a place that had a total gun ban – Jamaica.  The story of Jamaican gun control is rather interesting, especially from an American expat’s point of view.  More broadly, ricketyclick made these observations about Jamaican gun control years ago:

Since 1974 Jamaica has had in place some of the toughest gun laws in the world. They are simply banned for 99% of the population; officially anyway. The very rich can pay a police chief to authorize issuance of a revolver and a box of rounds. But for the great majority of Jamaicans guns are officially out of reach. The penalty for unauthorized possession of any firearm is an automatic life sentence…no appeal…no parole. You get picked up today, and by next week you’re starting your sentence.

“Imagine a world without guns!” shriek the peaceful ones, the non-violent, the pure, the liberal, the good-intentioned.

Always before, I’ve answered: Don’t have to imagine it, we know what a world without guns looks like. It looks like most of human history, ruled by big strong male testosterone monsters who have nothing better to do than practice with their swords and engage in plunder and rape and mass-murder of entire villages, limited only by other sword-wielding testosterone monsters defending their private reserves. Then came the Kentucky Long Rifle, and Samuel Colt, and the sainted John Moses Browning, and all of a sudden, farmers and philosophers, cute girls and little old ladies, and even grouchy old cripples in wheel chairs could hold their own against the swordsmen.

Now I can add, We have Jamaica.

…They expedite gun crime cases, cause they have so many. They’ve had to set up a special court that only handles gun crime; called appropriately enough “Gun Court”.

It’s been thiry-five years since these laws were put in place. I recently saw some crime statistics from Kingston and they showed that city’s population of just over 800,000 had about 1,400 murders last year; most of them…by gunfire.

The law can be made no tougher, unless you execute the lawbreaker. Yet it hasn’t worked. Thirty-five years, and it hasn’t worked! The police have guns. The rich and politicians have guns, or armed bodyguards. The Jamaican Army has guns. The criminals have guns. The political thugs have guns.

The ONLY group in Jamaica that has no guns: The law-abiding citizenry!

  1. What are the police & sheriff’s in New York doing about their new laws? I saw a couple stories about people being arrested for having 30 round magazines in their possession. It does not sound like they are upholding their oath of defending the constitution. One of the people was a veteran. I hope they are going to do what is morally right.

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